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F3K 2022 Season

Neil Harrison

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Neil Harrison

Hi all

First off Happy New Year!

I just wanted to reach out to everyone to say that we are in the final stages of confirming the competition schedule for this 2022 season.  I hope to be able to post in the next 2 weeks, it will again be a busy year with lots of comps and some 2 day contests with social events.

We are looking to adopt the Pandora system for timing and scoring.  For those unfamiliar it is a digital handheld device which is essentially a stopwatch, it is synced with the GliderScore software we use to run the competitions therefore it displays the preparation time, test fly period, no fly period and working time.  So no more shouting all over the field what is going on lol. 

We will be purchasing a number of units for the running of the league, due to the cost we can only purchase a limited amount.

Before we place the order for a number of devices, I wanted to give you all the opportunity to be able to add to the order and have your own Pandora unit.  As they are great for practice flying tasks as well as the perfect stopwatch for the competitions.  They are only $65 (USD) each which is a good investment in my opinion.

There is an additional cost of a 1S LiPo, but we will sorce these in the UK.  There will also be some shipping cost to pay but this will be minimum spread over a quantity of units.

Can all those who wish to order their 'own' device please let me know by replying below.

I would say that I will wait until the end of the month, midnight 31st January to finalise orders.  Delivery of the devices will be February so there will be plenty of time to get familiar with the device prior to the first comp.

We are trying to move the UK F3K forward to be in sync with the International competitions.

Here is some information and further reading for the Pandora 



Pilot list for devices.

1.  Neil H - PAID (01)
2.  Paul C
3.  Mike F PAID (06)
4.  Mike vE PAID (07)

5.  Corne PAID (13)
6.  Simon B PAID (05)
7.  Mike S PAID (11)
8.  Gavin S PAID (12)

9.  David P - PAID (04)
10.  Lorry G PAID (10)
11.  Neil P
12.  Marin M PAID (08)
13.  Richard S
14.  Terry S PAID (09)
15.  Paul R - PAID (02)
16.  Danny B - PAID (03)

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26 minutes ago, Maria Freeman said:

Does that mean we can’t compete without one ?

Maria, I understand that there will be a number of units held centrally for general use.  I would like to use the device for practise, so I'm getting my own.

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Yes please.

I created a separate topic here to discuss the technical info and details of what the device does and doesn't do.    click here

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Neil Harrison
54 minutes ago, mikef said:

Maria, I understand that there will be a number of units held centrally for general use.  I would like to use the device for practise, so I'm getting my own.

Mike F, absolutely correct.

We will be purchasing a number of devices which will be available to use.

I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to purchase their own device as its cheaper to ship units in bulk as they are made in China.  We will add 'personal' devices to the existing devices which have already been  ordered to help share the cost of shipping etc.

You can use your existing stopwatch, however the Pandora is classed as the 'ultimate' F3K timer as it is synced with the official timing system.

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On 25/01/2022 at 19:59, CTR said:

Just a question about these: does it require an Android phone too?

In short, no.

The only need for the android device is if you want to run an event. 

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Neil Harrison

Okay guys its time for shipping and time to pay!

We are going to do this in 2 separate batches as in total we have 22 devices coming and a spare base station.

The first 9 people to pay will receive their devices from the first shipment and the remainder from the second which should only be a week behind.

Just so you all know, I will be having one of the devices from the first shipment so I can make sure everything is set up and working correctly with the timing system.

I have tried to keep the costs as low as possible, the batteries are now being fitted before shipping so this will save some time.

So with the device, battery, packaging, shipping and estimated import duty it works out at £60 per device.

Please arrange to pay via PayPal 'Friends and Family' to avoid any commission charges (if you pay via PayPal and do not use f&f you will be asked to pay the additional costs)....anyone who wants to pay via bank transfer can message me for the details.

PayPal to.....


Please use your BARCS username as the payment reference so I can match the payment to you.

Once in receipt of the goods and the import duty has been paid, I will share the invoice to keep this very transparent.



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If anyone dips out do let me know. I'd happily have one of there's a spare :)

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