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New electric f3b class


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10 hours ago, grj said:


In it's day F3B was hugely popular (I didn't fly it myself but I monitored it's progress). But unfortunately it died off, despite the particular efforts of Clive Needham and others who pioneered electric launch. Indeed there's a whole BARCS thread back in 2015 but I'm not smart enough to be able to copy the link but just google Electric F3B and it'll come up.


here you go - link to previous F3B electric thread - started in ... 2012 !



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1 hour ago, Phil.Taylor said:

here you go - link to previous F3B electric thread - started in ... 2012 !



Thanks Phil I am aware of that thanks but good to be reminded cheers. But very old school now with hopes of keeping f3b alive as it was. Its a shame the whole towline thing both f3j and f3b just dropped off a cliff.

The whole lot depends on lack of politics and easy agreement on some rules that suit all. 


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We had electric models in F3B mixed in. The advantage they gained was benign able to launch at the height of the average launch if the day. 
while they had the advantage of getting a consistent launch, they then had the added drag of the prop on the front and the fact that for duration they weighted slightly more then a B model without ballast. 
they also weren’t top level latest models. 
they were all older generation models converted to electric for F3B-E.  
They never challenged for the lead and hardly ever won a round. 
fair play to Dave and Clive for giving it a massive go and fielding models that worked for all events. 
i’m sure that if we all had converted to electric models and fielded electric models, the same people would still be the top of the league. 

I would fly F3B again in a heart beat if there were enough people to have a go and a field large enough to hike the course and the winch line !

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