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F3F Wales Winter League 2022/23


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Hi guys

I've scanned the forecast and although there is a bit of rain in the forecast early doors, I still think we have a good chance of a comp so we are ON

Please meet at 0930 at the gate 



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7 hours ago, jwest532 said:

@ Graeme, any chance you could bring a spare set of timing gear. ??  Just in case  

Hi Joel,

yep it’s in the car👍👍

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Hi guys, sorry for the late post regarding this weekend.  If I'm honest it's because I've been agonising over whether I should be running our last 2022/3 WWL or go to my son's Surrey cross-country event.  Having looked at the long range forecast I've finally decided to do the dad thing and stay home.  To be clear, I'm not saying it won't be flyable as it's bloody difficult making a call Friday and getting it right, let alone on a Tuesday, however there are enough question marks to make me think I'd have more fun at home. 

Of course if someone wants to run the comp in my absence I'd be more than happy to drop the key off if needed.



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Take the dad points mate, looks like you may well have avoided a morning in the rain.


Everything will be fine for the Champ of Champs race...

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