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SAKER WIN with JP read on..


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Well everyone knows about it now. But what a fantastic victory for JP and the Saker at the English Open. Very well done JP. And by such a huge margin. Dominant.


Any competition pilot knows its down to the pilot of course, but the model has to 1) Have good handling 2) Be well behaved and easy to fly at best efficiency 3) Reliable  4) Capable of performing at the very top level to allow the pilot to concentrate on their flying and not be fighting the model or trying to make up its performance deficits.

JP, Saker and Kingmax servos performed at that very top level and delivered the result. A result that many more expensive airframes and servos failed to deliver. JP's complete airframe package brand new is circa £1250. Compare that to the cost of all the airframes and exotically priced servos that weren't so capable that weekend as JP and his kingmax servo guided Saker. Yes its JP, but the hardware also has to be spot on to allow him to do it. Kingmax servos have also won an F5J Eurotour at Interglide 2021 in my own Infinity model. A model several years old leading up to the event and with a lot of use especially during lock down where I had 100's of hours on it and it's as crisp and precise as the day it was new.






John (and me in the Infinity) use Kingmax CLS2035HHV in the fuselage a 5.5KG / 0.05s servo.  In the wings CLS0911W on flaps a 10kg / 0.11s servo and CLS0612W on ailerons a 7.5kg / 0.10s servo. 

And of course a major nod to Ian Mason the designer of the Saker. Without him none of this would have happened and what a perfect finale it is to what he has achieved. Ian has always championed his own fantastic designs and the Willow, Harrier, Falcon etc and now the Saker are all  extremely good models.

A word from Ian the designer..

"From agreeing the final CAD design with Mike Francis to seeing the first prototype it's a long process, Seeing the Saker performing so well in the hands of JP this summer has been one of the best feelings I've had on the slopes. Knowing the Saker has delivered on my objective of producing a competitive model that is available to a wider range of modellers is fantastic"

From JP the pilot..

"I had a very good couple of days, I must say the Saker is easy to fly F3f with"   "the combination of Saker and Kingmax servos is working well for me, these Kingmax servos are really impressive lighting quick and very accurate. Have to say again I’ve have been very impressed with these servos, great quality and great price. Big thanks to Flightech"

1 Saker in stock and more on order. 







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Fantastic to see today the JP has added the Eurotour and British league to his hall this year with the Saker!

A very happy designer who's been enjoying seeing just what the Saker can do all year!


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