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F3F Southern Winter League 2023/24


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The Southern Winter F3F League will run this year on the fourth Sunday of November, January and February, with the Saturday of the same weekend being used as a reserve option.  John Phillips will CD on the day, assisted by White Sheet club members.

Please indicate attendance on the Event Calendar which is weblinked from the dates above, including availability for the Reserve date.  Minimum 8 firm entrants.  Weather call will be Friday evening, or on Thursday evening if the Saturday looks more promising.

JP, Nigel

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Hi everyone, just a reminder that the first Southern Winter F3F is next weekend.  Please register attendance on the calendar event for Sunday here and Saturday here.

Nigel, JP


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As numbers are too low to run a Saturday comp, the weather call for Sunday will be tomorrow evening.  If anyone has looked at the forecast and changed their mind about travelling for it then please can you update your calendar entry to assist the decision.

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24 minutes ago, wookman said:

With Light SE wind and rain from lunch time I am going to bow out of this one.

Looks SSW to me and a decent blow. Which Weather app you using Graham ?

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Hi all, sorry for late post but a couple of us were offline this evening.  Unfortunately as the slope is unsuitable for F3F in a southerly (or east of that) and a lot of rain is forecast, the comp is OFF.  Let's hope it all comes together in January.

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