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Alpina - colour scheme


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Recently bought an old Alpina 4001 - covering & fus now faded to "antique white" - with original wingtip decor - needs cheering up with a colour scheme make-over

some playing in Powerpoint I've come up with a couple:

1. Modern stripes - plausibly scale-ish - the "moulded glider" look - simple, neat & visible

2. A re-run of the old "Daisy" Ellipse theme - this one is "Trudi" - she grazes the high alpine pastures & loves the sound of cowbells

What do you think? - and of course I'm open to other suggestions - mild or wild - but needs to be achievable in Oratrim or vinyl



and old "Daisy" Ellipse



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Done !

Modern stripes meet Alpina classic style - very happy with that - stylish & very visible.

Looks easy but was very tricky - lots of paper templates & masking tape to get the angles & spacing right so the wingtips & fin both looked right. I used vinyl instead of Oratrim - needed bigger/wider pieces - Oracal 651 - A4 sheets easily available on ebay - lots of colours - e.g. ebay item No. 133516758491 - seller diamantecrafts



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