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RIP Graham James


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I'm sorry to be the bearer of sad news.

Graham James passed away yesterday morning, 15th November 2023 in Frimley Park Hospital.  Graham had been soldiering on with increasing medical problems for a long time but now his pain is over.  Our thoughts are with his wife, Vera, and the rest of Graham’s family and friends at this difficult time.

I first flew with Graham at the Hanworth club over 40 years ago.  Our ways parted when I got more serious about Free Flight Gliders.  Around 17 years ago, I caught the DLG ‘bug’ and joined Thames Valley Silent Flyers, meeting up with Graham again.  We were also together on the BARCS Committee more recently.

Until July, Graham was still at the TVSF field running events for us, when he was no longer able to fly himself, and had planned to run more.  

Graham was a friend and mentor to many, had a great sense of humour and was always willing to cheerfully help others - he will be greatly missed.

We will think of him as we fly our gliders.



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Very sad news.

Graham bent over backwards to get me started in F3J and 100S around 2010, sourcing a winch and gliders. We were very often teamed up together on the field for competitions.

He 'volunteered' me for the BARCS committee, intending for me to take over as treasurer which I side-stepped to become Public Relations Officer and eventually Chairman.

He convinced me to change from using JR radio to Jeti with the comment 'whatever question you ask (can it do this or that?) the answer is always 'yes'.  He was right.

Seen here with Colin Boorman at Radioglide 2016.


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Really really sad news. Graham was a great guy with a brilliant sense of humour. Always enjoyed his company whether it was on a flat field, a slope or a pub. RIP Graham.

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Sorry to hear this news.  Graham was a very prominent figure in the early days of F3J and went on to great things in BARCS.  He was always helpful on the field and great company.  

RIP Graham.

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Very sad news.

He always made me laugh at some point in any conversation.

Such a good man with very high standards.

RIP Graham


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Any details of funeral please Mike? I would want to pay my respects if at all possible

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