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BMFA F5J - Lt. Bentley, Essex - Sun. 21st April - CANCELLED


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Cancelled due to high winds, cold and possibly damp - not reall fun to fly in. Fingers crossed for the next one.

Venue is Little Bentley Polo Club, Rectory Road, Essex, CO7 8SN.

Your model must have an approved height limiting/data logging device (AMRT) which must be able to show the max height your model goes to during its motor run time plus 10 seconds after your motor is shut off.

The limiting function must be set to allow maximum 30 seconds motor run time, and the height limiting function must either be disabled or set to 300m.
Motor restart is permitted at any time during flight for safety reasons, but will result in a zero score for that round.

The competition will be run to BMFA Local Rules, 6 rounds will be flown if conditions permit and there will not be a flyoff.
Entry fee £12.00 payable on the day.
Proof of BMFA membership (card is sufficient) required.
Entry closes midday Saturday 20th April.
Timing on the day may vary, first flight around 10am.

  1. John H
  2. Pete M
  3. Simon C
  4. Graham W
  5. Garry M
  6. Colin P
  7. Ray G
  8. Paul W
  9. Randy T
  10. Mike v E
  11. David G
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  • Committee Member

Add me to the list please Tony.


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Garry Matthews

Hi Tony,

Can you add me please.




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I'm withdrawing from the comp., my El Nino doesn't want to bind any more and I don't have patience or enthusiasm to fix it. I thought I might hang in to competition flying for at least this year but I'm done. I've had more minutes racing sailboats in the last 6 months than I have flying in the last 6 years - and it's a whole lot easier on the body.

Nice El Nino for sale in the classified ads section :)

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You will regret it Tony.  As you know, I also race RC yachts.

Racing is full of competitors shouting at one another, claiming that they had rights, an overlap, insufficient time to avoid a collision etc. 

Much of this is very subjective.

The setting up of the boats is an art in itself.

Ultimately, I find F5J a far more pleasant day out. 

Hang on to your Elnino s for a bit.

See you Sunday.

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Very sorry to hear this Tony, could your radio gear not be sent back for repairs, or even in extremis, be replaced?

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Eddy Small

Sorry to hear how you feel, Tony, but quite understand. Good luck.

Regards, Eddy.

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Thanks guys.

Simon - nothing wrong with radio gear. John H and I were getting a couple of other FrSky Rxs to bind last year and probably changed the firmware in my Taranis. Getting firmware versions right in Txs and Rxs is a frikken nightmare with FrSky sometimes. Tried binding to my RadioMaster Boxer (Multi protocol) still no joy so ...

I've been struggling for years to survive 7 hours in a field, stumbling around in long grass, etc. I'd get home, even from only 5 miles up the road (Little Bentley) and could barely move I was so tired and stiff. Imagine an old LiPo that can only hold a 50% charge, that's how I've been for the last 3 years at least. Before I might have had a 70% charge but none of us are getting younger and my chronic health issues are really catching up with me. Physically - I'm not sure what the correct medical term is - but I'm . . . (I can still :) )

I find it easier to cope with 4 hours by a pond or lake with toilets on site or very close by. A cafe nearby is also a bonus at certain places. Much more civilised.

El Ninos not sold at this point. Interest has been shown and they will go if the price is right.

I'll drop in on Sunday if the comp. goes ahead - forecast getting a bit windy for flying at the moment. Field ought to be OK but I'll check it later - just had unforcasted squall with 4mm hail scream through. Sunday's weather fine for sailing though with a smaller wing (B sail rig). Sailing, flying - it's still about the wind, wing (sail) shape. etc. Rules are a pain to learn and a big part of races.

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Really really sorry to hear about your troubles, here's to hoping you get as much enjoyment from rc sailing as you did F5J, and that you pop round from time to time. 


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  • Committee Member

So sorry this has caught up with you Tony, I know you have been fighting it a long time.

Hope we can chat on Sunday👍

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David Godbold

Hi Tony, sorry to hear that you are having problems with your transmitter and health, It would be a real shame if we lost you from competition flying and the sport in general as you have done so much in recent years to keep the competitions going in this part of the country.

Could you add me to the list for Sunday.

Hope to see you there.




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I've just checked the field and it's fine to drive on with care, keep to the edge of the field, extra care as you go in off the road and turn left between the posts.

A go or no-go call with regard to the weather will be made by John around 6pm this evening (Saturday). It's looking a bit marginal for wind, rain probably not an issue.

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