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F3F videos.


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  • 7 months later...

I have today just found this vid of Simon flying his Shinto :blink:. 'Cracking' flying Simon :thumbsup:.


Vid by Aubry Gabanon  (published May 2016), taken at the Eurotour Laurac / quillan.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Last flight of 2017 - 30 Dec - cold, grey, damp, windy - re-maiden of the old McMeekin Falcon after repairs - now on its 4th lifetime - full ballast in 30+mph wind



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Some practice with the Jedi Space Lift on the Wrecker today. 10-15m/s with 1.2kg of ballast. This is only my second flight with it.


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48 minutes ago, Kyri said:

Very nice to watch Brett, thanks! Looks smooth. Good camera what was it?

Thanks Kyri. I was still getting used to it but even so it was going where I pointed it. Although a few times it pushed back a on me. 

You should have seen Andy and Mike, they had their models shifting.

Camera was just my phone, Samsung galaxy S9. Works really well. 

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