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Hi, I just thought some of you might be interested in seeing a build I finished recently.

This model was designed by Jack Edwards in the late eighties and he named it "Eddie the Eagle" after the British Olympic ski jumper, Michael Edwards. My Eddie took awhile to hatch and still needs to grow some feathers, but I thought I would toss him out of the nest and see how he went first.

I deviated from the plan a bit in giving him a v-tail set up. This works as a ruddervator mixed at 80% to the ailerons. He is fitted with drag plates on the ailerons to aid in cornering. There is a bit of a trick to using these in that you don't want them extended for too long as they can grab on the air and cause an over-rotation. So, you just use them sparingly and "fly" the model through the turns using small inputs to keep the turn as smooth as possible.

 Here's a short vid of the maiden - pretty low key stuff as I was just getting a feel for it and flying this model normally is pretty much a full time job. Excuse the bush landing, the wind was dropping off a bit, there were people all over the normal landing area and I couldn't get enough height to go over the back so decided to plant it in the shrubbery. :D







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I know someone (very close) who used the wrong transmitter once... ie picked up the one that wasn't controlling the model. :D

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