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F3F Personal Best (Pb) Times - Record Yours Here!


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29.72 St. Ferriol, finally joined the sub-30 club!

30.05 Pike Precision (Fat Fuz) Welsh Winter League 2018/19 Event 1 17/11/2018 The Crest, Bwlch. Clayton Landells

31.57  Round 2 BMFA League 2015 Whitesheet-on-the-Bwlch Pitbull.... .....but I still don't really believe it!

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You got a 37.42 in round 16 of the VRQ, and a 38.xx and 39.xx also in their (great day wasn't it?). If you can remember which event you got the 36.xx I might have the spreadsheet for it.

You can't reset the clock. Those thirty somethings are carved into your thumbs! Interestingly, Pete Gunning got fastest time of that comp, with 35.25 and also got fastest time at the Nats - must be something about big events that brings out the best in Pete (might be Lots of curries at the Oshokah in Bridgend also :mad: :mad: )


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Hi simon ,my pb was on the crest about 4 years ago ,flew a 33.xx caldera ....don,t really want to go any faster in the compression of the mighty crest.....it scared the sh1t outta me and base a buzzerman! :D

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During the Kerry F3f trip we set up a course on one of the stunning slopes. It was my first ever go at flying a course.6 rounds flown. My fastest was a 44.97 :D delighted with that.

Cant wait to have another go on a course on Lundy :cool: .


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Thanks Steve.

Probably time to update the table soon.

Is there an equivalent F3B speed and distance table? If not, it might be good to start one on here to record these things for posterity in another thread in this section of the forum. Not that I can remember my best speed or distance results! But I guess Nic or somebody has all of the old results sheets stored away somewhere.


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Steve Haley


Yes, I am just in the process of putting together with Clive, a UK F3B Speed PB list that will be posted on the http://f3b-uk.blogspot.com/ and I will also copy the post details on this forum.

Distance PB list to follow on. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you at an F3B event soon…!? br


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Pete Burgess

Can anyone tell me why, with hand timing, do we score results to one hundreth of a second?

Surely times to one tenth of a second would be more realistic.

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It's a fair point, but if you want a discussion on that Peter, best off starting a new thread... Don't want this thread hijacked with a side-discussion.


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I have made some updates to the PB table, to catch up on this thread, and also capture other PBs from yesterday's Woollybaks.

I am still missing a lot of flyers PBs from the table, so if you can supply the relevant data as shown in the table, I will add you.

Also, there are still a lot of question marks in places, and unverified times – if you can fill in the blanks, and/or point me in the direction of evidence it would be good to capture accurate data.


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