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North England Open Eurotour F3F

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Good luck to all the competitors at this weekends Eurotour event at the Hole of Horcum clap.gifcool.gif Make sure you fly above the surface rolling.gif crying.gif

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It won't be the same without you Clayt's who is going to entertain us now with their throw yourself off the cliff launching technique  Gotta love that emoticon  TomPS - still were just as bad as we can't make Round 4 as we're off for a Royal ****-up weekend around Keswick to celebrate Pauls final days of freedom  Good thing Catbell's is on our door step for a little DS during those fleeting sobering moments!

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Thanks Clayts.  Hopefully the weather will be kind to us this year, although it looks a bit iffee.  Sorry you can't be there, but should see you the following weekend. Simon

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Rocket Ronnie said:

Iffy!  Come on Simon its good old British Summertime init.(southern softie)
I've spent so much time in Wales or Yorkshire this year I don't know if i still qualify as a Southerner!   Simon
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simon_t said:

Rocket Ronnie said:

Iffy!  Come on Simon its good old British Summertime init.(southern softie)
I've spent so much time in Wales or Yorkshire this year I don't know if i still qualify as a Southerner!  

There is hope for you yet then grin.gif Hope you have a good one guys, I can't play either, knee doesn't fancy it. crying.gif Cheers Tim

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can't make it either guys,preping 60" for next weekend instead sorry ,good luck with the forecastrollingeyes.gif

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George Young

Been looking forward to this for months but sat at home with car in pieces at local "diesel doctors" waiting on new turbo being fitted on Monday sad.gifsad.gifsad.gif Hope the weather plays the game. G

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Frank is in second place after the first day ,just behind espen,well done mate,case of right model right day and some carefull piloting skills,keep it going tommorrow mate ,weather is looking iffy thoughclap.gif

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This just in from Jon Edison: 

Just a quick update on todays event. Light Westerly winds meant we were on Levisham. First round started at 10:30, with average times in the mid 50's. Round 2 was similar, and Round 3 was eventually abandoned as the wind died completely. Showers interrupted proceedings, with a collection of thunderstorms encircling the hill. A hasty retreat was made for the cars at 4:30 before another storm hit.

Results for the two rounds completed

1 Espen Torp 1823.980
2 Frank Hulton 1724.170
3 Dieter Perlick 1722.100

4 Mike McCracken 1701.960
5 Greg Dakin 1679.020
6 Mike Evans 1630.870
7 Joel West 1628.600
8 Martin Newnham 1623.170
9 Simon Thornton 1621.120
10 Paul Townsend 1614.980
11 Mick Walsh 1600.940
12 Dave Watson 1582.190
13 Paul Middleton 1575.990
14 Jon Edison 1565.200
15 Stefan Bertschi 1550.440
16 Mike Shellim 1546.980
17 Richard Bago 1534.600
18 Herman Torsten 1496.870
19 Jonathan Wells 1490.230
20 Keith Wood 1485.950
21 Peter Kowalski 1474.330
22 Tom Foreman 1455.500
23 Paul Upton 1420.350
24 John Treble 1368.020
25 John Phillips 1331.150
26 Ronnie Lampe 1310.520
27 Mark Treble 1251.640
28 Robert Carson 773.510
29 Alan Scupham 717.870

Forecast similar for tomorrow.

Cheers Jon 

C'MON FRANK!!!!! clap.gif

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Gromit said:

   'Potatoe'laughing.gif   Stuart.
You see!  The Wiz was right!!  You glider fliers have all sorts of "in" jokes, it's a big elitist conspiracy, your'e worse than Masons shh.gif..laughing.gif
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Peter G

Way to go Mike the Cracken And Frank...Hope you don't get a nose bleed.Hope you get lots of flying tomorrow

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Well weird weather yesterday the rain I could live with, but the black storm clouds dragged the wind 180 deg so it was blowing away from the slope not good. Dieter did a blinding 41.xx in the first round when we still had wind and a little Thermal activity, he showed me the future with the EM turn style very impressive. Was gutted for Cedric who had come all the way from France with one model which he crashed in pre-race practise when he got caught out by the rotor near the edge for landing.

I guess that's the risk you take flying before the pilots briefing when you get warned about the rotor, still he seemed very philosophical about snapping his Fosa in half. I just wanted to see him fly as he looked fast in practise. The third round was when we lost the wind and Mike Evans landed out on the front side of the slope, I had 6 slugs of ballast in the Xenon and managed to will it around the course in the extremely light lift, was surprised how well it flew considering smile.gif 

The Xenon got a lot of interest from Espen Torp who was a really nice guy to talk to, think he thought it was a bit similar to his Race-M but I wouldn't know, I just fly them and break them wink.gif Sadly I won't be attending again today for various weather related reasons, but the excuse I am using is as we were driving back across the country the conditions were perfect for getting some flying in up Ingleborough, so Paul made the decision to hike up there and get some flying in, I decided not to bother and left him to it but then I got a text later on in the evening that the 50mph winds had taken a high price out of his Acacia and smashed it to bits on the hill side, I'm sure Paul will fill  us in with the details later. 

Hope the winds pick up for the rest of the guys today, I'm going up my local slopes instead to practise my EM turns tongue.gif Tom

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Just looked at the forecast for the HoH area, light - very light w-wsw, heavy showers this afternoon .   Hope the weather's better for you than forecast. Look forward to hearing about the day later this eve .   Stuart.

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