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Bromley Multi-Launch glider event – Sunday 11th September 2011

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Bromley Multi-Launch comp. – Sunday 11th September – Leigh Park Farm, Tonbridge, Kent

Allowed models: Winch or towed – Open/F3J, 100S, RES, Classic, Vintage and tail-less Electric – Open and 2 meter fitted with a height limiter (200m/30sec. motor run) Hand Launch – max. wing span 1.5m Mini-bungee – max. wing span 1.5mMore details of the format can be found in the BARCS Handbook, download the latest edition here – BARCS Handbook, please read section 4.2 from page 42 as there are a few changes from last year.Please send your entries in by 6pm on Saturday 10th with your preferred frequency and a reserve or two if flying on 35MHz.Start time 10amPost your entry in this thread, on the FlyQuiet forum or email me at Tony —–  
 Name    BARCS No.    Class  1st  2nd  3rd  
1  Peter Sainsbury  2040  Open Electric  74  
2Alan Twine1538Open Electric2.4  
3Derek Collings1131Open Electric2.4  
4Trevor Blackwell  452Open7472 
5Tom Frankland3059Open7472 
6Bob Hope3501Open70  
7Bob Hope3501Classic70  
8Simon Smith Open Electric82  
9  Simon Smith 2M Electric82  
10Rod Potts807Open Electric2.4  
11Robin Sleight1606Open76  
12Robin Sleight1606100S76  
13Ricky Shaw Open Electric2.4  
14Chris Foss111Open Electric2.4  
15Phil Ramsey Open Electric56  
16Phil Ramsey Open56  
17Michael Ranger2699Open Electric2.4  
18Michael Ranger2699Open2.4  
19Tony Wood Open68  
20Eddie Small3578Open68  
21Eddie Small3578Open Electric2.4  
22Greg Hayfield Open2.4  
23Ian Nicholls Open2.4  
24John Payne Open2.4  
25Peter Mitchell1568Open Electric2.4  
26Peter Mitchell15682M Electric2.4  
27Tony Merritt3555DLG2.4  
28Tony Merritt35552M Electric2.4  
29Jason Burns Open Electric2.4  
30Jason Burns DLG2.4  
31Brian Austin230Open Electric80  
32Brian Austin2302M Electric80  
33Shane Alce3485Open848070
34Keith Fisher Open88  
35Keith Fisher Open Electric88  
36Martin Bell850Open Electric2.4  
37Martin Bell8502M Electric2.4  
38Peter Hindle228Open Electric2.4  
39Colin Boorman3106Open2.4  
40Colin Paddon493Open2.4  
41Kevin Beale2289Open2.4  
42Andy Cox Open2.4  
43Kevin Dart Open2.4  
44Austin Guerrier3318Open2.4  
45Graham Wicks1621Open2.4  
46Nick Kidd Open2.4  
47Richard Harris Open Electric2.4  
48Randy Taylor 2M Electric2.4  
49Ray Gadenne1203Open Electric2.4  
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It was a bit windy but no worse than at the Nationals this year. Apart from a couple of extremely brief showers the day was reasonably sunny and warm. There were thermals about but they did move rather fast, more than one person was caught out and either had to restart their motor or land way down the field if they didn't have one. One of my best flights in 2M with a Radian Pro ended up 100m+ from the spot, even though I had been fairly high getting back proved to be impossible, so a big fat zero for that As you can see from the results below some slots had good lift and others did not - round 2 slot 5 exemplifies this!! pdf file of rounds and slots I was very pleased to make the fly-off in 9th place. Rod Potts made the fly-off but had packed all his gear away not realising he had done enough to make 8th place in the prelims, Rod suggested Jason Burns take his fly-off place.Congratulations to Keith Fisher for winning the fly-off, Keith absolutely stomped on all of us in the second fly-off slot to secure the top spot.

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