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Jef Ott

New rules affecting Multi-Launch for the 2012 season

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Jef Ott

If the winch launchers – those that have been at the comps I have been at were only flying classic gliders so this does not apply to them – are getting 200m with a good ping, and the "over-powered" electric models are zooming to way above their motor cut offs, then the "Level Playing Field" utopian ideal that Multi Launch Comps are based on is a farce.But, farce or not, I don't think that is a bad thing at all.

The guys achieving the added heights are doing so on the back of plenty of practice at their flying fields. They have put in the time and effort required to use the rules to their advantage. Seems totally fair to me.I don't agree with changing the rules every five minutes and think that the sport benefits from some settling time, as it gives people a chance to react to whatever the rules are. It enables those that need to win to equip themselves properly to provide a better level of competition at the top end of the field of pilots.

Whatever the sporting outcome I think we should propose that no competition rules are changed for at least two years ahead of the next BARCS AGM.

The rest of us, that gear up for these competitions within the spirit of the rules, rather than working around the written words, will still get a great deal of fun out of very occasionally whooping them.As it is now legal to use non-logging, non-zoom detecting switches as well, perhaps the CD of such events (Multi launch only) should state in the adverts for each event that all combined switch/loggers are going to be set to 165m and switches that don't have the zoom algorithm must be set to the 150m rule.

That should keep everyone at about the same height in most weather conditions (apologies for discarding DLGs at this stage). Although the differences between winch and electric will be model and pilot dependent, it would at least give a few months of data to base a decision on, when planning which model type to use next year if you really need a trophy.

I would supply 2p but I am saving up to re-equip myself with a CAM switch or three!


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