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Bartletts League Events 2012

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Below are the provisional proposed dates for the Bartletts league events for 2012. Rules will follow, what has gone before as I see no need to change them, although the Foamy class was not well supported so unless there is a lot of descent will not continue this class. Most can be flown under the 2 Metre class, anyway.

Any flyer wishing to qualify for the Barcs New Restricted Class league, will need to follow the rules for this class to qualify, when flying an 100S model, as they are different to what we are using for the Bartletts 100S League scores.

If flying to the Barcs Restricted class, a 100S model must be RES & Motor, no 4 servo wing and be flown all through each event, but any format on a 2 metre models can be used. If this complicates things it is not my doing.Entry fee’s to remain at £5 per entry (max 2 per comp of any 2 classes)Trophy’s as last year for all the events, at end of year.

1st April Bartletts ELG Venue Bartletts Farm.

29th April Bartletts ELG Venue Invicta, Sutton Valence, Kent

13th May Bartletts ELG Venue Bartletts Farm

20th May Reserve Date

10th June Bartletts ELG Venue Bartletts Farm

1st July Bartletts ELG Venue Lawford

22nd July Bartletts ELG Venue Bartletts Farm

5th August Bartletts ELG Venue Tonbridge

9th September Bartletts ELG Venue Bartletts Farm

14th October Reserve Date

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The date of the 12th August event has now been brought forward a week to the 5th August, due to clashing with another event.

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