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Multiplex Royal Pro /Evo programming

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OK Another Evo programming question.

Can I vary the amount of a mix by a control input?

Say I have a custom aileron to rudder mix but want the amount of the mix to be elevator dependent, is there a way?

On the 4000 it was a piece of cake.

On the Evo I can't see anyway of using the control mix to do this.

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Hi all, my first post to the forums.

I'm very glad to find a place where to learn how to better use my Multiplex Royal Pro radio. I haven't find online any other source as detailed as this one. Even though i'm only starting, I came in while searching for ways on how to configure flaps using a multiplex radio. I'm not yet flying the slopes but look fwd to start with the Alula.

Yesterday I saw a DLG demo, today we looked at many of the videos from another forum member:

Is clear for me that I want to learn more not just about my radio but about Hand Launch Gliders.

So many thanks to everyone posting here!

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