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Jef Ott

New Rules effect on Multi Launch Comps

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Richard Swindells

it would be VERY difficult to gain an advantage with 2 seconds penalty if the model has to touch the ground first. Also depends on if truncated seconds or cumulative times over all flights are used.

The difficult thing is that once pilots of any of non-DLG disciplines is maxing their flight time, the competition potentially becomes a turn-around speed competition for the DLG pilot. Perhaps a better way to score would be that for the DLG pilots timer to use their stopwatch to measure time on the ground.

If the pilot has time on the ground at less that 20 seconds at the end of the slot then only the LAST time on the ground is taken into account (i.e. the time from the last flight touching the ground to the end-of-slot buzzer). This time is subtracted from 10:00 minutes to give a flight time

This method keeps the focus on soaring ability and landing precision of the last flight.

Although not really relevant if multi-launch is dead? 

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Jef Ott

So, seeing if I have you right here Richard, if I were to pick the model up, and spend three minutes waiting for the right air to come along, that time would be added to my flight time? ;) Only joking, I don't really think you meant that.

Struggling to understand what you are trying to achieve though. I think you are badly over complicating it, the timekeeper doesn't have a problem stopping and restarting his watches, and keeping a count of the number of launches. Stop watches accumulate the total flight time.

But it remains to be seen whether anyone will be running any BARCS Multi Launch Glider comps next season. There probably won't be any in Essex, and other than Radio Glide, I don't think there were any held anywhere else this year. Kent clubs do run some competitions which they claim are to BARCS Multi Launch Rules, but they use different launch heights and don't invite HLGers  :wacko:.

Am looking at this positively though, and hoping that Graham knows something that I don't.

Nice chatting with you again.



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