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Adding images to your post is quite simple. First resize your images if they have just come from your camera and are large. Ideally they should be maximum 1000 pixels wide and the file size should be as small as possible, something like 250-300 kb is ideal with a maximum of 450kb per image. There are free programs you can use to resize images. XnConvert or Irfanview.

Once your images are ready either drag and drop them where indicated below or click "choose files" and navigate to them on your computer. Once they are uploaded you can add them to the post wherever you choose to by clicking on the + icon (Insert into post).

If you use Flickr, Photobucket or any other image hosting site click the "Insert other media" button and select "insert image from url" and enter the url of the image. Like the example below and without any additional tags.



Photobucket is a free image hosting service and is easy to use.

Take a look at the video below for instruction on creating a Photobucket account and posting images to the forum.

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