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Radioglide 2012

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Gary B

Looking forward to it, can only attend the F3J and 100S days due to work commitments.

As I live quite close by I should be able to get home early and post brief reports and piccies.

I don't have a 'proper' 100S glider but a choice of five 'Classics' that I would like to enter just to make an entry on the 'Classic' league.

One can be winch launched fairly safely but I have doubts about the others!!

Just wondering if a retractable hand tow option would be permitted? Down to the CD on the day I suppose.



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Hand tow will be welcome. Just wonder who will run for you. Mrs B might not see it as a good day out.

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Gary B

Thought that you might do the honours Graham, I was just looking for the right moment to ask!! I'll find a willing assistant.

If it is like last year the tow person would be running towards me!!

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Just one more week to get your Radioglide entires in. Five classes to fly in one weekend (Electric and F3K same day so you'll have to choose) plus F5J test event and all for £25 for BARCS members (join on the form if you're not).

Great weekends flying. See http://www.barcs.co.uk/radioglide-2012 for more details and entry form.

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