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BMFA F3F league 5 - Scotland

Peter G

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What a splendid day. I'd forgotten what I'd been missing. It seems like I'm somewhat out of practice and everyone else has got better. The standard of flying was excellent.

I've got a bunch of photos but since yesterday I've already been to London and am now in Bradford working so I probably won't upload them until the weekend.



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Will those who got new PBs please put their claims in on the original PB thread (as Martin has done). I think there were quite a few, certainly Frank, Abbo, George, and I suspect Sam, Craig, Robert.


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It sounds like a great race guys. It really seems like the standards are getting better from what I am hearing. Certainly the models are very fast or at least the newer designs are very stiff and can handle the speed quite easily. If and when I do some f3f again I think I will be on a steep learning curve.....

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Certainly the models are very fast or at least the newer designs are very stiff and can handle the speed quite easily.

I don't know, Frank's New Sting won a round with a 31.xx although as Mike said, it was bending the wings in the middle of the course :eek:

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I think I picked a carp time to have a break from competing (and flying). Although there would have been some hefty contributions to the emission count to all the great comps up north. Reckon it would have been worth the trips though.

Looking forward to competing again soon. :D :cool:

Sounds like an incredible comp guys, wish I was there with you all. See you at Slopeglide (fingers crossed)


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Just want to add my congrats firstly to the stars who showed us all how to fly and also to everyone for making the climb up the hill. Hope all the muscles have stopped aching now.

Having dragged you all up to Scotland and then forced you to climb the biggest of our hills, I think it's fair to say that all the locals heaved sighs of relief when the Bishop delivered the goods. It even managed a bit of sunshine late in the afternoon, and anyone who hasn't seen a full size glider up close before couldn't help but be impressed every time one of our neighbours whistled past.

As the guys up here all know, I have occasional hankerings after a big scale job. Then we get a day like last Sunday and I realise that what I actually want is another Cyril/Fosa/Stinger/Radical/Freestyler only FASTER :eek: After getting a new PB for myself, I swear it'll take another week to get normal levels of blood back into my adrenalin stream.

Thanks from me to everyone who expressed interest in the timing gear and for all the kind comments posted here. I have another 6 pcbs like the one in the pictures I posted earlier, so if there's genuine interest in building some more, then perhaps we should start a separate thread to discuss it.


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Rocket Ronnie

Thanks Tom the link worked SEEN THE PHOTOS on my IPad

well done Mandy

Great photos


Who has worn his little leg's out .

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I've only just recovered enough energy to make a post :-)

Congrats to Martin on some super flying, which clearly showed the benefits of EM even in high compression conditions, and of course to Rich and Paul who flew the more convential reversals superbly throughout the race. Mr Abbots had three stunning runs which were also magnificently flown, as was Franks 31.xx with a relatively light New Sting. To cap it off, Simons 30.xx was simply sublime, and JP's 32.xx with the Toba made me laugh out loud due to the sheer entertainment factor, and the fact that it was the model's first competitive F3F flight.

Big thanks to Pete and the guys for hosting an epic event - just brilliant!



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