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Nats 2013

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I don't know Graham. I was told not to fly any further out (up wind). It's very hard to judge ground position of a model in the air anyway, isn't it.

It was not a big issue though. My post wasn't supposed to sound like a moan. 

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No fine, didn't take it as such just curious. Yes we weren't allowed to fly over the runway in front of the trees but the wind shifted by 90 degrees on Sun and Monday, so wasn't so much of an issue.

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Bernie Jones

Here is a brief report from Mike for the "Electric' events at the Silent Flight Nationals


Hi All


Home at last and chance to do a few words about the Nats.

First up was to have been F5J but the rain which had started on Friday night did not stop until 10:30 Saturday. Competitors for all events had arrived at Cranwell and decided to decamp to Barkson and meet there at 12noon for further decisions

With more rain forecast from 2pm (6-8 hours worth) and the necessity for a re-matrix beforehand required, F5J was abandoned because 3 rounds were considered essential. In the event, the forecast rain arrived about 3;30 and lasted until 5am Sunday! It was most unlikely that 1 full round would have been achieved.

F3B tried and managed 1 task only but 100S managed 2 rounds, with a reduced matrix.


Sunday dawned, just, which is to say that it was foggy both horizontally and vertically(50m!) but we assembled at Cranwell and got ready for Open. The cloud height was deemed OK and we started. In the first slot though Dave Worrall lost sight of his model on the climb out against white cloud, it crashed upwind. Shortly afterwards Brian Johnson suffered radio power failure and crashed on the runway very soon after launch. Not a good start but the event developed into a tricky contest as the lift was quite fickle and well spread. It could collapse and shift suddenly - you get the picture - I didn't at the time! Whatever, in most slots somebody made the 10mins.

Eventually Pete Mitchell was declared the popular winner.


Monday was a better, brighter day and with a small but dedicated band we got started in 2 slots. Tom Woods took John Penton's place and became known as Tom Penton for the day, as the contest forms were all printed!(John being able to attend). This was Tom's first comp and he had come from the Isle of Wight accompanying Ed Warwick, whom he had helped in Open. Lift could be tricky but could also come through in a few powerful bouts which hoovered models up high and quickly. In the biggest one, people were starting to descend at around 4mins! In the breeze several models failed to get landing points by following downwind too far, others got caught turning too late for landing.

2 models disappeared in the "blue haze"; one was recovered damaged a short way across the airfield but the other was a remarkable story. Vanishing on the way down from on high at about 8 mins, Gordon Brown's model was spotted about 3/4 mile away heading for the ground but it was recovered and powered up for a return flight, during which it vanished 3 times but eventually arrived safe and sound on the spot at 11:30. No points but what a save!! If anybody ever wants to know the range of a FrSky Rx close to the ground, talk to Gordon.

Meanwhile things were going well and the contest ended on a high note when Tom, flying a Radian in his first competition, came first! What an achievement!







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Bob Dickenson

As a reply to Austin's last comments regarding the suitability of Wetlands as a soaring site.


It seems a shame to me that a site such as this should be denigrated in this manner. The field in which we flew when Colin decided to pull his stunt of slope soaring is now the power site. We have not flown that field since. Also, it might be noted that Colin, who is a slope soarer of some note, had to walk 200 yards under the gliders that were currently flying the slot, in order to use the slope. As we were all flying 35 meg at that time, I think that this was a dangerous manner in which to fly. He misjudged his walk back to the flightline because he was unable to fly the slope, such as it was, at that distance.

 Colin's local site is Ashurst, which has a better slope than some slope sites I have flown, yet it has been used for international F3J comps.

  I have flown in Turkey with both Colin & Austin adjacent to one of the best slope sites I have ever seen, somehow it didn't matter then.

 Enough of that, Cranwell is a superior site, of that there is no doubt. Hats off to Proccie  for the work & effort that he put in. unfortunately, no one can control the weather & we lost the F3b on the Saturday, but Sunday & Monday produced some of the most challenging & at times rewarding flying conditions in which I have ever flown. The flyoff contenders got there by pure merit, well done all.

  Regarding feedback as requested by Ian, my preference would be not to have a 2 day comp for the Nationals. This would give the opportunity for most of us to visit the Nationals for at least 1 day, while still camping there for the weekend & enjoying the evening socialising. Alternately, we could hold the silent flight Nats on a different weekend, thus allowlng those who wish to do to visit the Nats as it's own event.


  I regard both Colin & Austin as my best friends, I just needed to get my oar in,  Love Bob

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