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pete beadle

Hi all

More news from the Home Front......

Literally home this time, with the Beacon "socked in" with mist/fog/rain/snow/ice and winds that are so cold they cut (me) like a rusty Stanley knife......I've been flat-fielding it four times in the last 10 days, at one of my local "Open Spaces" in leafy Barnet:yes:

Flying my trusty Radian Mk2 (the first one to have bolted on wings, not the XL) I've been waiting each day for the mist or fog to burn off, and the temp to get to the giddy heights of 3-5 degrees, but, most importantly in dead calm conditions......absolutely no wind chill.......and then turning up at the field and getting 1.5 - 2 hours each time....virtually NO dog walkers, joggers, BMX bikers or rubberneckers and that's been keeping the cabin fever at bay:)

One 1350 mAh lipo, giving me 6-7 climb-outs to good height, two pairs of fingerless gloves (inners and outers) to keep my hands warm, using the wasted heat from the heating systems of the houses around the boundary of the park to replace the hard to find thermals.....absolutely brilliant:D

One afternoon stands out when I used the trees on the west side of the Open Space to slope soar (yes, slope soar) using the zephyrs of breeze they were keeping me out of, and achieved a solid hour of flight with short bursts of power each ten minutes or so to maintain the height I needed, and that was perfick!

Big smile on my face on the way back in the rush hour traffic building on the A1 southbound, hot tea and a toasted teacake at home........yes, I'm really getting the hang of this retirement lark..........



BARCS 1702

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pete beadle

Hi all

Despite the Met Office forecast, I took my trusty Pike Superior "E" to Ivinghoe yesterday. Once again the forecast was very wrong, but this time it was so wrong it was right, as the gusty wind eased, the rain stayed off, the white, fluffy clouds only masked the sun, and enabled us to fly in a more or less Westerly all afternoon. Thermals? I should say so! and personally three almost perfect landings without breaking anything 

My mate Fons Bolsens was over from Belgium, and could only get away for a fly yesterday, so we braved the forecast, (WSW winds, gusting 20 plus, cloud and showers) and flew all afternoon, finishing the day with a pint of Fuller, Smith and Turner's "London Pride" (each) in "the Farmer's Boy" in the village of Kensworth, Beds.

Sorry if you're envious........not really:whistle:


Pete (and Fons) 

Ivinghoe 6th Aug 002.JPG

Ivinghoe 6th Aug 008.JPG

Ivinghoe 6th Aug 015.JPG

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