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Hi Guys


I want to take part in the f5j event at Radioglide. What device should I get for my model, to enable me to take part?


A device that also functions as a height limiter would be good for practice and in case I ever take part in a height limited comp.





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Contact Bernie Jones at eSoaring gadgets, he stocks all you need, understands the rules and requirements and will give you the best advice. www.esoaringgadgets.co.uk.


Pleased to see your going to have a go at Radioglide.



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Big Bear


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Bernie Jones

Hi Tom


The RC multi 2 comes with all the software required to adjust settings or read the flight log and changes are made by computer, or  there is a Programming card available that can make all the adjustments required and also reads the launch height for F5J or eSoaring. There are quite a few Flyers with Programming cards out there so not a must buy, but very useful for practice and for changing the the launch height for all the different competitions that height limiters are now used for.


There are two sets of firmware for the Multi 2 one for eSoaring type comps where motor start is allowed and none FAI F5J type comps, there is also a dedicated FAI F5J firmware that will not allow motor restarts as per the rules and is required for FAI F5J international comps


Hope that helps



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I am going to Radioglide for the f5j, I have jioned BaRCS

I have had a few slight overlaunches when the motor cuts in lift, would a height cut-out of 190 metres be a good idea? to avoid the larger penalty of going over 200 metres

I use a multi2



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If you are flying F5j there is no setting on the limiter for height only for the 30 second run time. That is part of it in that you have to judge your height so as not to incurr the 3 point penalty per second for exceeding 200 metres. I think there will be a restart allowed but as noone has said what rules are being followed who knows. In most international events a restart is not allowed and is usuall programmed out :angry:


There is this also that is useful and I believe is now allowed in E Soaring and Batletts League not sure as to F5j  , it records start height and max height but does not log.  http://www.wingedshadow.com/skylimit.html

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Bernie Jones

Hi Phil



Just set up your Multi 2 as below and it is ready for domestic F5J (the setting can be made/changed either on a computer or with the RC Programming card).This setting will allow an emergency re light but will of course give you a zero score for that flight and there are no reflights allowed in a slot. When flying F5J the idea is you decide what height you cut the motor although the unit will cut it after 30 seconds whatever height you are.


here is a copy of an earlier answer to F5J timing


The slot time of ten minutes includes the motor run time of max 30 seconds so it may be that you cruse around for 30 seconds looking for lift. the tactical bit is how high you go during the launch phase, with a half second penalty up to 200 meters and three second penalty over.

So timing starts as the model leaves the launchers hand. 

So if you launched on the buzzer and landed on the buzzer in theory you could have a ten minute flight, but depending on the height reached up to motor cut (be it by you shutting off the motor or the timer shutting of the motor) plus 10 seconds would give you your FAI F5J launch height.

Bear in mind though if you shot up to 250 meters within 20 seconds then came down motor still running for the 30 seconds to say 100 meters, then gained a further 25 meters in the next ten seconds, so ten seconds after motor cut you were at 125 meters your FAI F5J height would still be 250 meters, the highest you were from launch to ten seconds after motor cut, giving you a penalty of -250 seconds ( half second per meter for 200 meter and three seconds for the next 50)



I have also attached a file for the settings on the RC #2 Basic if anyone is using this bit of kit

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