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Blaster 3 Launch Heights

Peter G

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Having flown the B3 for the first time up a slope last weekend (and thermalled away up to 365m), I maidened it on the flat today.


Not great conditions and the ground was sloping and muddy but great fun. I have fitted an openaltimeter regulator/altimeter and its interesting to see how high etc.


Averaging around 30m launch height with one biggie at 37m, I think we have more to give. What would be a good lauch height for a B3? I have seen comments on RCG of 48m! Is that realistic with a good technique? What do the top guys get out of a launch?


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I used to do a bit of DLGing prior to getting into sloping, I had a Mini Elf and a Long Shot 3, I had to give it up though as I damaged my knee discus launching and seemed to aggravate it every time I went flat field flying.

Having said that I am tempted to get another DLG maybe something like a Super Mini Topsky for the very light slope days which no doubt will tempt me back into a bit of DLGing when there is no wind for sloping.

I would say 37m is a good height, I am not sure what heights I used to get as I did not have anyway of measuring them but I could launch fairly high and more importantly they were consistent.

I found the harder I tried to launch the less height I would get and realised if I relaxed and concentrated more on my technique I got better launches with a more consistent heights.


The DLG guys tend to hang out on the Flyquite forum


Lots of good advice and they seem a friendly bunch

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Hopefully you got some comparison launches from me, Martin and Mathieu.  Martin always out-launches me, meaning I have to out-thermal him!



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Richard Swindells

50m is a reasonable height to aim for for someone who is relitively healthy and active. I'd say it is about the average height of launch at competitions.


Stiffer, stronger models can achive 65-70M on launch, but it does not look pretty when something breaks .

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Wow, 65-70m is amazing!


I did answer my own question to a certain extent, hitting nearly 48m second time out in dryer, more bouyant air which is going to have an influence.



I can see that it would need alot of practice to get competitive. For now I am enjoying how aerobatic the blaster can be and enjoying hooking the odd thermal. Its a great model for flying in my lunch hour :)

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