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Just back from a quick session at Baildon. 

Not much wind so ideal to give some DLGs I’ve been fixing up a spin out!

My launches were getting better and better but I suffered today. Over rotating most of the time. 
Maybe DLG into ridge lift, however weak, isn’t a good idea. 
Maybe wellie boots aren’t ideal footwear...

Still good fun :)


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2nd visit to Baildon NW in last few weeks as restrictions ease. Cold but lovely NW wind 18mph gusting 26 blue skies repaired Funray did very well

funray join.jpg

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Good repair by the looks of it!

I’ve been popping up to Baildon with my DLGs to air them off.

It’s nice to be back out again :)


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Just been catching up on various threads and thought that this may be of interest to the discussion on what can be flown on LCC controlled land, this sign is on the Fearnville Fields that is near to the Leeds Model Shop, a few of us flew there for over 35 years, flying was conducted with consideration of the local residents so noise was controlled, then with electric more flying was undertaken until a certain person started to fly a DLE55 powered sports model, no consideration for the residents what so ever so the complaints started to go in, then the sign was erected.

The police are aware and on chatting to the local bobby he told me they would take the details of anyone found flying a powered model and report them to the council, no police action will be taken.

I hope this helps.


LCC SIGN 2.jpg

LCC SIGN 1.jpg

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