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JR Aero Tow 2013 Schleicher ASK14

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Hi all, well there was a lot of great looking gliders at the JR Aero Tow and this beauty won the "Pilots Choice" award. Not knowing a lot about it i asked Chris to fill us in and this is what he had to say!
Hi Chuck, The ASK 14 is basically 1:2.5 scale wingspan approx 6 metres. powered by an E-flite 160 electric motor and Castle Creations Phoenix 160 amp speed controller. Built from plywood and balsa. The fuselage is sheeted in balsa and then covered in fiberglass. The wings are ply and balsa and covered in profilm. It weighs 17 kilograms The wing has a monster spa that is made up of laminations of 1 inch by 1/4 inch stirps of spruce and measures 3 inches thick at the root and 1/2 inch at he tip. It draws 60 amps and runs a 20 x 10 prop. the batteries to supply the juice are a 10s 5000mA pack. Graupner Retract is functional and looks cool as it flys overhead with part of the wheel showing.  it took my 2 years to build and it was Warracknabeal that motivated me to get it finally finished.
Flys hands off and lands a treat
Thanks Chris it sure is a lovely glider and thanks for watching all hope you enjoyed it
cheers chuck

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