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A message from Simon Smith today informing us of a date change for the Towner Trophy.


"The Towner Trophy has been brought forward a week to 29th September.

originally on 6th October it clashed with Ashurst Event.
Kent Cup on 29th has been cancelled so we will use that date."
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Bernie Jones

Hard to keep up with all the dates  :o Ashurst reserve date was moved from the 6th October to the 27th October as I was asked if I would move it so regular flyers at Ashurst could do the Towner, some of whom have done every Towner (46 this year) which is some record I think for a competition and for the flyers that have done 46 of them, 


Still if nothing else should give The Towner a fall back date if the weather is bad, I won't be at the Towner as I will be at Wetlands for F5J 28th and 29th September and Middle Wallop on the 5/6th at a Glider Tow meeting  :drool: if only there were more weekends and less working week days  :D





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As some people are not aware that Multi Launch is a BARCS Contest and the rules can be found on page 42 of the rule book on this site

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Big entry of 36 with only 13 electric models

14 Electric models now   :)


Interesting how many non electric glider flyers this event has attracted. Is this a sign perhaps that people are begining to want more local pure gliding comps again?? We are lucky here is the S.E. to have a lot of RC glider pilots located reasonably close to Tonbridge so perhaps this also has something to do with the high entry and split of entries. Had the date not been changed, we would have had at least 2 other pilots to add to the 36 along with some others I suspect.


Which ever way you look at it, its just great to see a gliding comp with a big entry regardless of the make up.



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