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Shinto from Aer-O-Tec


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Cool flying Aubrey

The Shinto is really shifting!

Interesting to see, is the tail wagging a bit going through the shear layer?

What shape is the slope? Can't quite get a feel for it and where you are flying the model in respect to the slope.

Cheers Ewan 

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So is Aubrey diving into the DS circuit by aiming his Shinto misile at our old friend 'Terry Firma' ! That makes it even more awsome. Not much room for error 😋

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Hi all,

I found pictures of the area where I tried to DS, as you can see no tree line but a very thin part at the slope were something happens and that works at this zone 🙂 . But it's a bit turbulent.



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Hello folks,

I found a spot to practice a bit like guys in Braunsberg slope (Austria) using dynamic soaring method behind trees...
I pretty happy with this "slope" where I last all the day.

For this who come in holidays near Lyon... 😉 (France)

I am still using my 2 Shinto Tpro from AerOTec. 
Enjoy :



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