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F5J & eSoaring provisional dates 2014

Bernie Jones

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Here's the next up date, calendar is filling up, are there any dates from the South West or South East coming in? and of course Scotland
Provisional eSoaring and F5J UK competition dates for 2014 (20/11/13)
Saturday 15th - Spare
Sunday 16th - Midland eSoaring league 1  Pillerton, Hersey - Warwickshire.
Saturday 22nd – warm up weekend F3J –F5J – eSoaring practice - Ashurst, West Sussex
Sunday 23rd – warm up weekend F3J –F5J – eSoaring practice – Ashurst, West Sussex
Saturday 29th – reserve warm up or F5J League 1 Ashurst, West Sussex
Sunday 30th – reserve warm up or eSoaring League 1 Ashurst, West Sussex
Saturday 5th – Southern reserve date F5J League Ashurst, West Sussex
Sunday 6th – Southern Reserve date eSoaring League Ashurst, West Sussex
Saturday 12th - Spare
Sunday 13th – Midland eSoaring League 2  Hawling, Gloucestershire.
Friday 18th – Good Friday
Saturday 19th – Spare
Sunday 20th – Spare
Monday 21st – Bank Holiday
Saturday 26th - Northern eSoaring League 1 Sandhays, Linconshire
Sunday 27th - Eastern F5J League 1 Bartlets, Essex 
Saturday 3rd – Northern F5J League 1 Wetlands, Retford, Nottingham (Res Sun 4th )
Sunday 4th – Spare
Monday 5th – May Day Bank Holiday
Saturday10th – Southern F5J League 2 Ashurst, West Sussex.
Sunday 11th – Southern eSoaring League 2 Ashurst, West Sussex.
Saturday 17th - Northern eSoaring League 2 Wetlands, Retford, Nottingham (Res Sun 18th)
Sunday 18th – Southern eSoaring League 1 East Worldham, Hampshire
Saturday 24th – BARCs Radio Glide
Sunday 25th - BARCs Radio Glide
Monday 26th - BARCs Radio Glide
Saturday 31st - Spare
Sunday 1st - Spare
Saturday 7th  - Southern eSoaring League 3 Ashurst, West Sussex
Sunday 8th – Southern F5J Ashurst League 4 Ashurst, West Sussex
Saturday 14th - Northern eSoaring League 3 Wetlands Retford, Nottingham (Res Sun 15th)
Sunday 15th – eSoaring League 2 East Worldham, Hampshire, BMFA Southern Area Championship 2014
Saturday 21st - Spare
Sunday 22nd - Eastern F5J League 2 Bartlets, Essex
Saturday 28th – Spare
Sunday 29th - Spare
Friday 4th - F5J practice day (this Weekend event may not be at Ashurst)
Saturday 5th – F5J International comp
Sunday 6th – F5J International comp
Monday 7th – Elect fun fly (clear up)
Saturday 12th – France International F5J
Sunday 13th – France International F5J
Saturday 19th – Spare
Sunday 20th - Spare
Saturday 26th - Northern eSoaring League 4 Wetlands Retford, Nottingham (Res Sun 27th)
Sunday 27th – Southern eSoaring League 3 East Worldham, Hampshire
Saturday 2nd – Spare
Sunday 3rd - Spare
Saturday 9th - Spare
Sunday 10th – Southern F5J League 5 Ashurst, West Sussex
Saturday 16th – Spare
Sunday 17th – Spare
Saturday 23rd – BMFA Nationals
Sunday 24th - BMFA Nationals
Monday 25th - BMFA Nationals
Saturday 30th - Spare
Sunday 31st – Southern eSoaring League 5 Ashurst, West Sussex
Saturday 6th - Spare
Sunday 7th – Midland eSoaring League 3 Hawling, Gloucestershire.
Saturday 13th - WETLANDS WEEKEND Fun5J 2m (NB Moved forward 2 weeks from 2013)
Sunday 14th - WETLANDS WEEKEND F5J Retford, Nottingham
Saturday 20th – Southern eSoaring League 6 Ashurst, West Sussex.
Sunday 21st – Eastern F5J League 3 Bartlets, Essex
Saturday 27th - Northern eSoaring League 5  (Res Sun 28th)
Sunday 28th – Southern eSoaring League 4 East Worldham, Hampshire
Saturday 4th - Reserve Northern eSoaring  Wetlands, Retford, Nottingham
Sunday 5th – Midlands eSoaring League 4 Pilerton Hersey, Warwickshire.
Saturday 11th - Spare
Sunday 12th reserve Southern Ashurst, West Sussex
If you would like t run a competition then we will try and help where possible, if you would like your dates added to this list please e-mail me and I will add.
There will be a master list on the site ready for the New Year listing all competitions once all the dates are in
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