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Using a Dremel at the bottom of a 9" hole

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I've been preparing my Graecalis wings prior to fitting its wing joiner tubes. At the suggestion of the designer and Woodstock, I am ditching the original joining system, which was two steel blades, in favour of a 20mm aluminium tube which runs in a composite outer. Trouble is, this won't fit in the cavities that have been cut in the wings, and lined with epoxy and glass cloth.

So how to control a Dremel all the way down a hole that is about 1.25 inches square and 9" deep? I've got a flexible shaft for the Dremel, but it is controllable only to a depth of about 4". A little head-scratching came up with an answer. For many years I have had a piece of Rony tube in my workshop. Older subscribers to the forum will remember Rony tube. It was a lightweight tapered tube made of some kind of composite, that was widely used for tail booms in lightweight soarers. I doubt if it is available any more. I cut this so that the internal diameter gave a tight fit over the flexible shaft, taped it on, marked 9" on it with tape, and wrapped some more tape over the flexible shaft where it emerged from the tube to stop it chafing.

Worked beautifully.

Job done.

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Good work John ,

               Its always good to solve a problem without having to buy a £200 tool :)


             Merry Christmas to you, Mark and the Mrs mate



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