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Purbeck sailplanes Graffiti

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Nigel Carpenter

Hi Pete at the time I first flew the graffiti I’d been flying @ least 20 years but mostly older gliders and foam gliders but saying that while setting it up at home I’ve already found the centre of gravity on the model was set way forward To what’s recommended hence the funny feeling I believe , I’ve also been flying over the sea for the last 35years + and I’m not saying I’m a professional but I’m not a learner to moulded glider and totally agree speed is your friend  but to hear that she will fly at winds as low as 5 mph is quite a surprise to me I think il work my way down to that very slowly lol , 

thanks everyone who’s helped me with the setup and knowledge of this glider and I can’t wait to get out and fly her in better conditions . 
nigel Carpenter .

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