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Warm up Weekend Ashurst West Sussex 22/23rd March 2014

Bernie Jones

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Bernie Jones

We are going to try and run this warm up weekend, where we hope to have all and any Glider practice with winch lines out and as much help as we can provide, there will be a few fun type comps on both days but most of all hopefully a good turn out and good weather.


Hopefully the UK F3J team will be there, if not all of them some of them on at least one of the days, if you have any questions or want any information, they are a friendly bunch honest, (they also will be grateful to receive any donations towards the team travel fund see me and I will point you in the right direction)


We also hope to have some of the top F5J/eSoaring pilots there for you to pick the brains of as well, and of course I will be there !


The weekend is free to attend and will be run as a training workshop with a few  fun comps thrown in, look out for the signs from the road, we hope to be in the second field on the left up the drive passed the double cross gates through the gate in the tree line just before the house on the right, when turning into the field go right up the hill and keep close to the hedge where the ground is OK at the moment.


Further details will follow; please if you are going to attend let me know via this thread on the eSoaring Forum




or my email: Bernie@esoarer.co.uk


or mobile O774O 181861


Here's hoping for a bit of that eSoaring Pillerton Hersey weather we had last weekend



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