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BMFA F3F League Reserve Date 25th May

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Have a great day guys, good luck to all :thumbsup: .  Be sure to take some pics please.



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Hi Guys


The reserve comp at Horcum produced a result today despite some very heavy rain around midday. Despite that we did manage to complete 5 rounds ( may have been more if the rain hadn't intervened ) in what were quite light winds, making a change from  the Eastbourne gales a few weeks ago!!


Some steady flying by all, with Martin Newnham coming out on top, Mark Redsell second, and Rich Bago third. FTD went to Greg Dakin with a 45.92. Well done guys


Final position were :-


1      Martin Newnham         3951.21

2      Mark Redsell              3774.03

3      Rich Bago                  3764.05

4      Greg Dakin                 3746.75

5      John Phillips              3743.79

6      Peter Gunning            3702.60

7      Mark Treble                3695.34

8      Simon Thornton          3691.52

9      Jon Edison                3564.82

10     Mike Evans                3555.93

11     Paul Upton                 3537.20

12     Mick Walsh                3467.03

13     Jonathan Wells           3438.37

14     Keith Wood                3354.21

15     Matthew How             3330.95

16     George Young           3296.01

17     John Treble                3239.12

18     John Tideswell           3194.18

19     Dave Wright               3143.05

20     Ronnie Lampe            3101.81


Spreadsheet will be posted later



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Peter G

Good to get a comp in and a good call despite the rain. Well done Martin and Jon!

Round 3 was re-started twice having flown 22 out of 23 pilots first time round. I lost a 41 then a 46 and ended up with a 53 that stood, a very cruel game this at times...

Very close scores from 2 - 8 which is surprising.

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Greg Dakin

Yes, a well run day of fun on the slope - thanks to Jon Edison, and congrats to Martin, Mark and Rich!

I share your pain Pete - I lost 17 seconds between the best and worst of the three reflown rounds - downer :-(



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Thanks to everyone for making it happen yesterday, the rain proved difficult to deal with, but overal the call was right.

Big thanks to Jon, Mark and Rich for running the center, Paul Upton our buzzer supreme keeping the bases maned.

Spread sheet a downloadable from the GBSRA website: http://www.gbsra.co.uk/slope-leagues

Also anyone wishing to get a copy of the South Of England Euro tour they will find it in the same location.

I will also upload an to date status of league standings soon.



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Enjoyable day yesterday, but a little frustrating too - i shared the pain with 23s between my counting round and scrapped round. Nice finish with much steadier conditions after the rain though. Congrats to Martin - really tight flying with almost no loss of speed throughout the runs. Commiserations to everyone who also suffered the scrapped rounds - good to get the comp in though. Looking forward to some more summer weather at the next one.

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Yes, I enjoyed my day.

Two reflies due to rain coming along at the same time as I did,

but at leat it mean't I had a little more flying : )


Nice to do a few rounds with the Radical, shame I couldn't keep it's wings dry.

Thanks to all

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Double Trouble/Treble:

Matt Howe's Needle:

John Treble's Race-M. John had a good day, and flew well.

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