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45 minutes ago, Redbird said:

Anyway, the best I can determine John, is 4.9mm as diameter of spline on Kingmax (as KST) but so too is Mks 4.9mm!

The number of splines is different...

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Kst and mks splines aren't the same.

In theory kingmax are the same as kst but I tried some kingmax servos with kst servo horns and they didn't fit. They are very similar but it seems kingmax is slightly larger. 

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Early Baudis RDS drives didnt have splines - you just epoxied the servo splines into the drive tube/pocket - may be the way to go if you can source them - ask Baudis?


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Good point Phil, that did cross my mind earlier.

You could dremmel out the existing splines (gently) and paint vaseline on the splines of your servo then epoxy the RDS horn onto your servo. Remarkably effective on the Cers/Cyril generation and i found you could still prize them off with a flat screwdriver as normal.

Good quality slow/hard epoxy for that job.

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On 15/09/2020 at 10:09, Rumbey said:

Thanks Peter and Phil. I can manage that idea, I think that's what I'll do. Flew it yesterday with low v 6125 on ailerons and Hv Kingmax on flaps. All good apart from slight separation of early ServoRahmen pushrod. Fixed. 


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