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Libelle DLG


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Just got a Libelle DLG this year, and what a fantastic glider it is,I fly on the slopes of the Isle of Wight and use the Libelle on quite days, these little gliders are getting popular now around here, and on the Southcoast.

There is a great Blog at this address.


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Just taken delivery of one. Fellow slope soarers say there is a thread about strenghthening the wing seat on BARCS forum. I can't find it anywhere....



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Richard Swindells

The libelle will not support full power launch. It is too bendy. Even if the airframe could withstand the mechanical forces of a hard launch, I suspect the aerodynamic loads from the twisting of the flying surfaces would pull it apart. 

It is fine for soft launches though.. 100ft max 30-40 second flights are realistic 

Aerodynamically it is not fantastic either. If you are looking for a fun model to chuck in the car or mess around at the slope on calmer days then it's great. If you want to launch high and catch thermals on the flat, you really need to look towards a proper dlg. Probably the best entry point at the moment is th Go from armsoar


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