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Jeti DS-16


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I'm looking for some help with how to do a simple task. I'm trying to set up a timer (free running) which is activated by the momentary swith  (sprung loaded one) but is also stopped by the same activation switch. I had this on my Jr and got very used to using this. I can make it work on 2 position switch but not the momentary swith. Any clues?

The jeti radio has been great to work with generally once you get into it.

The 2 areas that I have found weak from a user feedback point of view are: setting up failsafe and servo balancing.

I can't find a way of seeing all of the applied failsafe moments together, other than switching off the tx. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if when dialing in the required servo movement, the % was taken from the trimmed normal position. It seems that as soon as you enter a % value and apply it the servo goes to its centre position and the moves the % input. So on the screen you have ailerons and flaps each adusted to a different % input and to check if that's the right input you have to shut the tx down........ a bit dull. Am I doing this wrong or missing something here?

I gave up with servo balancing to set the flaps up with equal travel as I couldn't work out how to see the movement of one servo against the other when setting up on the screen. Maybe my head was just fried by the 2.4mhz by this point!

Sorry for the long explanation but any comments welcome.

Cheers Ewan 

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I don't know what you mean by seeing the servo travel one servo against the other. By looking at the flaps?  There is a screen that shows the output of all the servos, but it's on the model that you want to see it equal.

I'm not sure on the timer but it's probably a logical switch that you are after. Although when you go to the switch setup menu I thought you could change it to momentary type.

Re the failsafe, I thought you could set it to current receiver output (i.e where the sticks are when you do it).  That might be more helpful than programming each channel.

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Thanks for the reply.

You have helped with the failsafe :)

I think I must have been screen blind at the end of programming as I missed the line that said "set fail-safe positions now..."

I thought that was a reference to the Output pins below not an active part of the programme lol

Anyway that ticks that box Cheers. 

With the timer the issue is i can't see where you select the switch to stop the timer. The F4 button below the screen is there by default. In the timer setup screen it only asks for a switch. It doesn't give the option to select a start switch and a stop switch. If I use a standard timer and select a 2 position switch it will start and stop the timer but not with the momentary switch. I'll read up on the logical switches to see if the result I'm after can be achieved.

With the servo balancing I'm not sure what I'm looking at graphically on the screen. I've never used this function before so a bit unsure. Are you just meant to eyeball the  movement of one flap against the other, tweaking the curve of one flap servo to match the actual movement of the other?

Thanks again for assistance for numpties!  Lol

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Hi Ewan.  I had a quick play with my DS-16 to give the timer function you want.  If you set up a standard timer as below (not free running), and choose the switch you want to use (I used SG which is a sprung loaded two position switch).  Then go into ‘Advanced Properties, Sticks/Switches Setup.  Scroll through the control No until you get to SG, and set the type to ‘Button’, and button memory to ‘Yes’.  Return to main screen and you should have a timer which will start when you pull SG, and stop when you pull SG.  It can be reset using the ‘CLR’ function key button below the display.





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Ah that's exactly what I couldn't find. ......I thought it would be something simple, just not simple enough for simple me!

Brilliant Simon, thanks. What is your hourly rate?  ! 😉  Cheers Ewan 

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That's it. I knew you could change switches to momentary.

The graph in servo balancing alters the servo for a particular point of travel.

What i do is set say 5 flap positions and use it to balance one flap to the other. Having a graph of both flaps at the same time is meaningless because you are correcting something on the model not the radio.

As i say you need to actually measure the travel of one flap against the other and use the balancer. 


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Thanks for your assistance . I've got it now ☺

All sorted and ready to test out on the hill tomorrow. Fingers crossed the weather holds for our last summer league comp. 


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By the way Happy Christmas Simon!

Please don't delve into this if you have better things to be doing! (I' in no rush)

I noticed that my tx was set at 50Hz. So on a model with newish servos I switched to 100Hz but didn't notice any visual changes at all. When looking in Device Explorer at the rx I couldn't see a switch to change it to 100Hz just the servo response range from 30ms to 5ms and auto. If you set the rx at auto would that make the rx match best the tx on 100Hz?

Cheers Ewan 

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Does anyone know how long it takes to be able to post in the 'for sale' section?

Edit: No worries, I am good to go.

I have a DS16 for sale, posting it now.


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