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F3J 2015


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Well, the New Year is here and the BMFA will soon be publishing the 2015 rule book. As far as F3J is concerned there will be a league of one day competitions with the exception of Interglide which will, of course, be 2 days as usual  (weather permitting!)


The best 4 results from these competitions will count for team selection but one of these scores must come from Interglide. An overseas eurotour score can be substituted instead of one of the other events. This is just an overview and full details will be in the new rule book.


Dates for your diary:

1st March Sheffield CD Fozzie

19th April South Midland CD Me (with F5J on Saturday 18th)

23/25th May Radioglide CD Sydney (events schedule not yet fixed)

27/28 June Interglide CD Robin Sleight

9th August Retford CD Bob Dickenson (with F5J on Saturday 8th)

29/31st August Nationals CD Sydney (events schedule not yet fixed)

27th September Edgecot CD Graham James


There will also be reserve dates in case of re-runs on 14th June and 4th October


Roll on Summer!

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More dates for your diary:


Provisional scheduling for Radioglide:

                             Saturday 23rd May      100"  + F5J

                              Sunday 24th                Multilaunch

                              Monday 25th               F3J  + F3K


We have 2 fields available each day so there is room for an extra event on the Sunday. Any ideas?


Nationals provisional schedule:

                             Saturday 29th August   F5J + F5B + F3K

                              Sunday 30th                 F3B + F3J + Open E soaring

                              Monday 31st                 100" + 2m E soaring

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