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Futaba 8fg for F3F?

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Mike, is there a way to cancel out the values of the landing mode when the landing mode switch is changed to normal or climb? On the simulator (I haven't got my tranny yet), if you don't remove all the inputs with the stick before flicking the switch, whatever values for spoilers are left active and can't be moved back unless you re-activate landing and then return the stick or have the stick at no spoiler and flick the switch on and off. It wouldn't be a hard habit to create or cement (cancelling the spoiler totally with the stick before changing mode) but I can see myself messing it up on a 'crow-through'.


Lovely set-up by the way! I've managed to use it as a basis for a 4-servo Wasabi with a 4 channel receiver (yet to be tested obviously) but it seems to work on the tx simulator.


In my desire to learn how to use the Taranny (see what I did there?) I am attempting to create my own eeprom for the skorpion as well (I'll use yours as it's really good) using the Source> Input> Mixers> Servos> Plane throughput system as described by R. Scott Page. Let's see if I can make one as intuitive as yours  :)


Sorry if this has digressed a little from the original direction of the thread! Are there any more appropriate threads on this forum?

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Guess who has eventually bought an FX-32?

😂 🤣 😂


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