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Long Mynd (Midlands) Winter F3f league

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Saturday 8th November.


Slope racing against the clock, a no contact sport.


F3f is the designated event name but don't let that put you off. 


The course is set up along the slope edge and all you have to do is fly a nice and short 10 legs between the sight poles.

Electronic timing system and a couple of likely lads  on base buzzers record your time and then you have another go to see if you can get better.




There will be lots of help and advice available on the day.


These events will be held each month through the winter months.

Aimed at giving new to competition fliers an ideal introduction to having the sky to themselves, and seasoned campainers a chance to have some fun and offer a helping hand when needed.

Comps are great places to learn how to improve your flying.


No fancy models are needed, so why not come along and have some fun.


Normally we make a nominal charge of £5 to enter, which sits in a tin collecting dust or is spent on new wires / timing gear etc as needed.


For anyone new to F3f and wishing to come and try before they buy - you can have a free day or if you wish to contribute to the equipment fund that will be very welcome. 


Just a fun day out with your mates. 



Please let me know via this thread if you are thinking of coming along, - and watch the thread on the preceeding Friday night to check if the event is called on/off.


Hope to see you there.






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7am Saturday morning , driving rain and gale force winds ...things don't look promising for a race .By the time I arrived at Pole Cott the rain was just a drizzle and it was a touch blowy but by 9:45

If you want to see 50 shades of grey , have a look at the myndcam.

Round 2 (December 2014) Report   With round one of the Midlands Winter League rained off, the forecast looked a lot more promising for round two. Dry and Sunny with West winds would put us on the Po

Posted Images

I would add for any newbies that you would most likely get more than an other go.  Depending on the weather you could get up to 9 more other goes, though I have yet had only about 8 on a goodish day. 


So you can get better n better still  .................  ;) 

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Nicely put together post Mike.

Not 'yer interwebs LCD typical.

'Cos life intrudes, no guarantees - but me and a good pal will do our best to support the Cold Season Midlands Events whenever possible.


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Entries can now be registered via the calendar RSVP option.

Click on calendar day to open up the page.

Please enter on the page as it will offer a cleaner list

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Well done Scott .....we need some locals to beat off the invading Southern hordes .....even if there leader isn't coming ...... :huh:

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Just got back from the Mynd.

went to reset the Caldera after losing the settings on my transmitter.

Bloody fog.

sat on the edge of Ashers Hollow for the last three hours and its not going anywhere.

Got to fly the Hacker Vagabond acrobatic foamy, what a laugh trying to keep it to a twenty foot box.

lets hope we don't get this on Saturday.

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Scott Ravenscroft


will need to get up there early to the Caldera up:-(

are you sure you don't want anyone else to set it up for you Les, then maybe it wont look like a training glider......lol

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are you sure you don't want anyone else to set it up for you Les, then maybe it wont look like a training glider......lol

not funny

you'll be upset when I kick your **** on Saturday.

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Well, as much as I would like sitting in the café discussing sloping topics with "experts", unless the weather forecast improves



I won't be making the 240 mile round trip, I's afraid.


That is heavy rain from 10 o'clock following on from fog  :(

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