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Hi from France


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Hi Aubry,

Welcome to Barcs. Hope you are well. Liz and I are looking forward to spending Easter in France again on route to la muela, look forward to seeing you again.


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Hi Mike!

I would be very pleased to see Liz and you there. French date will be fixed very soon, it may be possible to do a Laurac pit stop on the way back.

Also check the date for the TOA contest in Ardèche as I remember you was interested to fly with us on this great location.

Anyway, feel free to ask.




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Hi Aubry.

Please keep me informed on the date and options around easter week. I normally drive down through France and ferry back from Bilbao to keep the mileage down. Bu twe could reverse the route if that works better with the dates.

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Hi Mike, Hi all,


As discussed, the French 2015 calendar have been froze, take a look on http://www.f3f-france.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=13

Any are in the Pyrénées (south), any in the Alps (south-est), the others in the Vosges (north-est).


Last year, we was very happy flying with Mark REDSELL at the Vosges (who was very hard with us, he said: "i'm here to test gliders in similar altitude as WC"... right!! ... he finished 4th indeed, only couple of point after Pierre RONDEL  :drool: 

Gliders setting up approved !!  :D 

Great we love that !!  :D 




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