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FAI Licences

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Of interest to those holding, or about to apply for, an FAI Sporting Licence.

Just in from Clive Needham of the BMFA Silent Flight Tech Committee...

Hi All.

At the Council meeting on Saturday, Peter Halman the BMFA FAI delegate in his report released information regarding new procedures for FAI licences which you need to distribute to any Competitors we have attending FAI contests.

The following is direct quote from his report.

"The FAI Licence data base is fully functioning with effect from Jan 1st 2015, all licence holders will be automatically issued with a 5 digit ID number this is the only number which is valid. For the future this number will be recorded on your FAI model processing sticker. I recommend that all holders of FAI licences should log onto the FAI licence data base and note this number."

In explanation Peter told me eventually the new number will have to be used on models but time will be allowed for change from present numbers (which our case alone are BMFA numbers) on existing models where it is not possible to remove the present ones however the time when this change will be enforced has not yet been decided.

As stated by Peter the new number will be printed on the small FAI stickers issued at Champioships for model processing.

If anyone has a 5 year licence it is essential you go on the website just in case you are asked for it at any FAI contest even those where it is not normal to check the BMFA 25mm numbers which are supposed to be on the models.

I have checked the data base of those I know to have a 5 year licence and they are on the data base now, however if like me you only take out a one year licence your name will not be on the list, but as you renew your licence the BMFA office will register your name on the FAI data base but it would still be wise to check after a time to make sure. It is suggested it is only necessary to enter the first 3 letters of you surname but to make sure put them all in.

To save you ploughing through the FAI website the direct link is :-




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I have a new 5 year licence of which the number is basically my BMFA number with GBR prefixing it. It's not on the database and I was told by Julie not to worry, my number is my number.

I'll keep checking the database (which is kept up to date by our national body I believe) and hopefully my name and number will appear before Rugen in October.

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