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Blaster 3 rx

Dave R

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Looking at getting a blaster 3. Just wondering what other folk are using for servos etc

I use futaba so rx needs to be compatible. Are the small lipos ok ?

Any help would be really usefull and save a bit of time


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Hello Dave,


The HyperFlight Site has recomendations for servos and the list looks good. (but other small servos may well suit)  The flapperon servos need accuracy and good powerful centering.  Elevator is less of a demand and rudder is the least critical.  Many use digital servos on the flapperons.


There's not a lot of room for the 4 servos if you want rudder control so plan carefully.  The assembly notes are available to download on HyperFlight.  The receiver needs to be small enough to tuck under the fuselage fairing behind the servos.  I've never had a Blaster 3 but the installation would be very similar to my Snipe set-up here: http://www.flyquiet.co.uk/smf/index.php?topic=4217.0  You might find a search of that site gives some other leads too.


I am using 1s 750 mAh Turnigy nanotech cells.  Don't forget that a low capacity cell will see a greater voltage drop under load than a higher capacity cell.  The 'Smart Lipos' HyperFlight sells are popular if you can tolerate the size and weight penalty.  The main consideration is that the battery needs to clear the inside of the Kevlar nose-cone - that may limit how far forward it can go.


The Blaster 3 is a hollow moulded wing.  These are fine in use but a bit more fragile and more difficult to mend than a solid core wing.  If you are an experienced pilot and you are not prone to running into other models etc, you will be fine.



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Sorry, forgot the rx!  I'm Multiplex and I don't know Futaba.

I've seen mention of 6008HS and 608 (both case removed), 6106HFC

Straight out pins make life easier.


I use the 'two receivers in a single case' MPX DR6 light rx.  Two antennae - one for each side of the rx.

I have also used a single antenna rx without problems but I always bring the antenna(e) well outside the fuselage.

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You might take a look at the thread about MKS-DS65K's, which suggests what not to use. My Blaster 3.5 is now equipped with DS6100's, which I think are OK. I haven't flown it a lot yet. I have a little FrSky 4-channel receiver in mine, which fits neatly in the pod. T9 sell them.

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Would suggest use of Hyperion HP-DS09-AMD.

I have them installed on my DLG for Ailerons\Flaps and Elevator and are superb (no backlash).


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My Futaba RX of choice is the FRSky TFM6 with case removed. It is small, light and Rick solid. Super quick rebind after signal loss. 

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