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60" Epp Nat's

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Well done Guys, EPP racing has returned .

Congrats to Martin on your win, Ian as 'runner-up' and to Frank for your 3rd place :thumbsup:

I look forward to reading all about the weekends events + a few pics please.



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Had a great weekend! Thanks guys for making it so. Massive thanks to Ronnie for getting us back in the air Man on Man again and thanks to Martin and the GBRSA for facilitating it!!

Congrats to Martin for taking the title, Ian for pushing hard all the way and just missing out by 1 point and Frank for taking the final podium spot.

I'll get some photos on my blog with a bit more of a report soon.

Thanks again to all who competed and supported the event!

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What a great weekend.

The idea had been discussed for sometime but Ronnie made it happen, it's a massive thanks to Ronnie from me for organising and running the event.  Also to Frank and Clayton for helping Ronnie out.

What fantastic fun, flying or watching.  There was some great rounds with very very close finishes and some great mid-airs. I experienced one, it's more wipe out than combat, thankfully the model flew in the next round after I straightened it out, Ronnie wasn't quiet so lucky.

Simon, the combat definitely helped, but one good point is I wasn't being buzzed by any models :P

Congrats to Ian and Frank and also the other trophy winner which I will leave to them to explain.


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Ditto all the above my M60 shall live to fly another day

some pictures below I peticulally like the one of Frank offering some advice... Priceless!





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jay bee

Congratulations to Martin,Ian and frank for one ,two and three and a huge thanks to Ronnie for making the EPP Nats happen.

Big thanks to Clayts for helping with CD,ing and all,and to all that turned up to make it a great,fun weekend.

There was a bit of carnage but that did not effect me as no one could see where my model was,including me:),


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Rocket Ronnie

Well here we go, I'll do my best to give you a taster of what happened at the GBSRA 60" Epp Nat's this weekend.

17 of us met at the ice cream car park. and trundled off up to Mickie's west slope (i think)

The 60" course was set up, and we allowed a bit of sports flying, as quite a few guys had to maiden their models. Martin N & Clayton being 2 of them.

After a bit of tinkering Martin got the McOdyssey flying ok, Clayton was struggling with his model, ( he only finished it at 3am.

So after a quick of explanation of rules, and how to flag and call we started the first of 6 rounds.

with 17 pilots we ran 3 heats of 4 up and 1 heat of 5 up.

 Round 1

heat 1) 1st Tony Livingston,  2nd Graeme Mahoney, 3rd Ian Cowley. Clayton & Mark Treble with DNF's Not sure if it was a mid air or not.

heat 2)  1st Frank Hulton, 2nd Andy Whitehead, 3rd Jason Bioletti, DNF for John Treble.

Heat 3)  1st  Martin Newnam, 2nd Chris Louth, 3rd Ron Broughton, 4th Daniel Bioletti. ( Jason flew for the very first time on Friday, yep for the VERY FIRST TIME)

Heat 4)  1st  Ronnie Lampe, 2nd Neil Shead, 3rd Tony Kobak, DNF for Derek Cowley.

Well that was round 1 over.  Round 2 we placed all winners together, all second placed together, all 3rd placed together, all 4ths and dnfs in the final heat 5 up.

Round 2  was going to be a 5 up race but Claytons Late night building took its toll on the model, it was not flying at all. So Clayton was calling it a draw, i had spare models and gave Clayton My Bluto to use.

so Round 2 Heat 1) 1st Ronnie L, 2nd) Frank, 3rd) Martin, 4th) Tony L.  Heat 2, 1st Neil, 2nd Graeme, 3rd Chris, 4th Andy, Heat 3) 1st Ian, 2nd Ron B, 3rd Jason, DNF for  Tony K. Daniel. Dnf also for Clayton as he missed this Heat & round.

I think at this point we decamped  and moved on to Mickey's. By the time i got to the hill Mark Treble & Martin had the Course up and ready, must have only take us about half an hour to move. ( F3F can't do it that quick )

Round 3 Heat 1) 1st John T,  From Last to first due to Graeme & Ron B's Mid air, Frank Managed to Mid air himself and crashed out so 3 DNF's in this heat.

Heat 2) 1st Martin, 2nd Chris, 3rd Derek, 4th Jason.  Clayton Was back, after a quick test flight with my Bluto he got it dialled in and ready to rock. 

Heat 3 ) 1st Clayton, 2nd Tony L, 3rd Tony K, 4th Andy, 5th Daniel.  Heat 4) 1st Mark, 2nd RonnieL, 3rd Neil, 4th Ian. I gave a good lead away with a cut at base A of all places.

Round 4. Heat 1) 1st Clayton, 2nd Martin, 3rd John T,  DNF for Mark T,  ( 1 up for John T) 

Heat 2) 1st Ron L, 2nd Tony L, 3rd Derek,  4th Chris. this heat was a great tussle between Ron L & Tony L, i managed to nip inside Tony on base b on the final leg to take the win.

Heat 3) 1st Neil, 2nd Andy, 3rd Jason, 4th Tony K. Heat 4) 1st Frank, 2nd Ian, 3rd Graeme, 4th Tony K, DNF Ron B.

Round 5 Heat 1) 1st Ron L 2nd Frank, 3rd Neil 4th Clayton. Heat 2) 1st Martin, 2nd Tony L, 3rd Ian, 4th Andy. 

Heat 3) 1st Graeme, 2nd Derek, 3rd Jon T, 4th Jason. Heat 4) 1st Ron B, 2nd Chris, 3rd Daniel, Dnf for Mark & Tony, the best DNF of the weekend goes to Tony Kobak who crossed the line turned around talking  and forgot to land his model, it wasn't  in the air when he realised and turned back round. 

Round 6 Heat 1) 1st Graeme, 2nd Ron B. DNF's For Martin and Ron L, Don't know what happened, it happened so quick, i am sure Martin took me out yep he crashed into me. 

heat 2) 1st Tony L, 2nd Derek, 3rd Frank, 4th Chris. Heat 3) 1st Neil, 2nd Ian, 3rd Andy, 4th Jason. Heat 4) 1st Mark, 2nd Clayton, 3rd Tony K, 4th Jason, 5th Daniel.

Day 1 done  with only 5 points covering the top 5 its all to play for on day 2…..






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Well done all. The best fun I ever had in aeromodelling 60" racing.

If you want this in the mag Ronnie I will need words and piccys asap.

All contributions welcome.

Well done all.

Andy Ellison

RCM&E Slope Soaring Columnist

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Rocket Ronnie


Here is a link to some of my photos, and Claytons

let me know if it doesn't work.

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Here is a link to some of my photos, and Claytons

let me know if it doesn't work.

​Afraid not Ronnie :(



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Rocket Ronnie

Day 2

Day 2 saw some good racing, AND some great mid air's.  I had repaired my Odyssey on Saturday night.  So Sunday i thought it was best to test fly it.

Big mistake, Yep i mid air'd it again but this time it was terminal ( at least for now.)

We managed to fly another 4 rounds on Mickie's West.  Round 7 winners where Tony L, Clayton, Frank & Martin. Round 7 also saw the a bit of a mid air between Frank & Neil.

Neil came out worst, his model was wrecked, broken spar. I also Crashed out after a bad start i fought back up and finished second, then Mid air'd didn't make the top of the hill 

So another DNF.

Round 8 winners, Martin, Ian, Derek & Ron L.  A really close bit of racing between Frank Martin Tony L & Clayton in R8 Heat 1 Martin came out on top, and was racking up the wins.

Round 9, i think saw the best race of all, Ian, Martin, Derek & Myself, stepped up.  I got a great climb out but was late in, after couple of legs catching up the race was on.

 Martin Ian & myself swopped the lead at nearly every turn.  Both Martin and Me thought that we had it it was that close, Clayton was the CD and called it as Ian 1, Martin 2, and myself 3.   Clayton, Frank, and Neil took the wins in the other heats.

Round 10 and the last round of the day

Winners Ian, Martin, RonL, and Derek. 

So the scores where added up and you Know the results.

1st Martin

2nd Ian

3rd Frank.

A big well done to the winners.

                        The Golden wooden spoon for the best crash of the weekend. (i hate to admit it but i am the recipient of that trophy)


I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE  for mucking in, it was a great 2 days of racing.

Just a Note to anyone who wants to come and have a go. Remember that its not  ideal  to Maiden your model on the day of the competition.

And just a final say,  i never knew that counting to 10 would be such an issue for 16 grown men, But it was for some.

If I've forgotten any thing please feel free to post.






2015 EPP60 Nats 001.JPG

2015 EPP60 Nats 004.JPG

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Good to hear that the weekend went very well. Great reward for all your hard work Ronnie. 

The link is the one to "my drive" and consequent!y goes to mine!

Find the share link and post that.

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Only links to one picture Ronnie. Stick them in an album and share link to that.


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Rocket Ronnie

Cancelled to try again


Edited by Rocket Ronnie
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Yep, works ok Ronnie, thanks for persevering , great to see lots of pics for those of us that couldn't attend  :thumbsup:



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