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pete beadle

Hi Danny

No, I don't intend to be ironic in what I have written, and yes, I am aware of what the misuse of irony can do - but, when you tell me I was suggesting "the land owners completely "ban" drone flying", your words, I would ask you where you found this suggestion anywhere in what I have written, other than in reference to the sign, of course - I repeat, I have NEVER suggested that "land owners completely ban "drone" flying" - I have only suggested that THE SIGN originally referred to be worded better to be effective - now, please find the actual text that you are referring to, I'm not looking for irony here, I'm looking for accuracy, and the actual words you say I used, not your impression of what you thought I used.......

Oh and, purely my own opinion, the quite delightful picture of the castle just posted by Micktss , is quite dramatic enough as it is, as a still picture , it doesn't need video to increase its impact........

I await your response with interest




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Jef Ott
17 hours ago, pete beadle said:

I am NOT the one calling for the banning of “camera flyers acting responsibly”. It is the proposers of this new legislation designed to restrict the use of DRONES who are, by describing all and every radio-controlled model aircraft as a DRONE, instantly demonising every single flyer, including those flying camera carrying aircraft, in order to push through the restrictions they want to apply on DRONES


There is no link between the way the sign has been written (which encourages the public to use their camera drones responsibly, to give the beautiful castle site some free advertising on the internet) and the proposals for changes in the laws which may affect drone use in the future.

Absolutely nobody would benefit if the sign were written any other way, and your suggestion that it would be better written as NO DRONE FLYING AT ANY TIME, is utter nonsense.

And yes, a view from below the castle looking up at it, maybe from the same perspective of an enemy sailing ship's crow's nest, would make a very dramatic shot, with the sea in the foreground, if the sun were low in the sky. Damn it I think I will have to buy a drone just to show you what I mean! ;) LOL (Irony alert!)

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Warning: irony follows!

I was refraining answering again as I have better to do in my life, but here we go.

That's a 3D modelisation of a castle here around. No signs to worry about and the last owner died several centuries ago, probably because he restored the ius primae noctis (that's true!).

Worst, I did a 3D animation of an overflight = : 0

Next time I come to UK I will bring a multirotor, go and do a 3D modelisation of that castle too, and some other ...

Now I agree with all comments, past and future, just ask to go and read another post I wrote about "Apocalypse postponed", and maybe read the book too.



P.s.: Woody Allen said that good guys are those who do nice things during the day and sleep well at night, the bad guys do bad things and at night sleep bad, but have much more fun, during the day. Mhmm, how am I going to sleep?

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