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launch peg advice

kev primer

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I'm currently building my first 1.5m dlg (a longshot 4 )  it comes with a round peg, is it worth me buying a flat one? If so what type would u recommend with a  foam wing


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Long time since I launched a dlg, but a flat peg is always better than a round one.

You get more power into the launch and your fingers don't get so sore.

Have a look here I think this one would be best but there are a number on the site that would be good for the Longshot.


Some reinforcement of the tip may be necessary to spread the launch loads.

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This might help with the peg installation.  The blade is way better than the round peg.

My first DLG was a Long Shot and it's still a good choice.  Let us know how you get on.  You will soon be finding lift and soaring with the birds!

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Richard Swindells

Longshot is definately one of the best for beginners to DLG. I launch as hard as anyone and have tried to rip the wings off one of these...but the model can easily handle it.... goes up as straight as an arrow too :)

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