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Hi from Oxon/Glos


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Hi all

I'm a middling, mildly-balding, marginally overweight, middle-aged bloke who got into soaring a year ago. Not particularly competitive by nature, but can think of nothing finer than flinging the wonderful little Elf DLG into buoyant air above the village green and hunting that elusive five-minuter in my lunch-break, or spending an hour or so slope-soaring the Libelle (not really a good DLG) off Uffington White Horse Hill (for which it seems better suited), learning the use of ailerons, flaps, mixes, camber and some very basic aerobatics.

Ready now to go up a level with DLG, I've just bought a Blaster 3 - and hope it isn't too big (and costly) a jump!

As my DX6i appears to have limitations for the sort of multi-mode settings one seems to need to get the most of launching and proper thermal soaring, I do have some questions about what would be more suitable RC gear - without either starving my kid or subjecting my brain to the terrors of computer-programming.

Is this the right place to ask, or should the question be posed in the right section?

Super forum by the way - and the only UK soaring one that seems to be current.



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pete beadle

Hi Jon

Welcome to the BARCS forum

Where you are geographically puts you neatly into one of the hot-beds of BARCS membership

Secondly as a fellow Blaster owner, although a 2 not a 3, I think you've made a great choice with your 3

Lastly, don't worry too much about where you posted this time - there are helpful glider-guiders everywhere here

Good luck



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Hi Jon.

Welcome to the fun.

Tx wise, you could do worse than a JR DSX9. Compatible with all your DSM2 and DSMX rxs and it will not be too long before another one comes up on the BMFA classified adds.

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Re upgrading my RC gear, it seems as if there are three options (and I'm particularly keen on telemetry so I can use vario feedback etc):

* Upgrade to Spektrum DX9 or similar, as its a system I'm familiar with, and so I can buddy-box to my existing DX6i for my 10yr old who is keen to start learning to fly the 2-ch Elf. But I don't know whether this will be straightforward to set up the full set of different flight modes on the Blaster?

* Go down the relatively inexpensive option of a Taranis (with built-in telemetry?), but don't know how difficult it will be for a non-techie  like me to learn to programme?

* Consider an entry-level Multiplex with telemetry and its allegedly glider-friendly funtionality, but again know very little about the virtues or otherwise of this system.

I simply can't find a single source of advice.

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There isn't a single source of advice!  You end up in transmitter war territory.  I think all your options will be okay - there isn't a dud there. 

The taranis can be hard to programme, but it does have very good telemetry options and is very cheap. Multi radios are, IMHO, easy enough to programme, and has a good range of telemetry etc. Mlink is an expensive system to buy in to.  Spektrum I know little about, it it not generally a popular brand with glider fliers (I would say?), but that's not to say it's not good. I think the radio has proper flight modes and glider mixes.

I don't think you need a lot of flight modes for a Elf as you only have rudder and elevator. I would say launch and normal would pretty much cover it, especially for a learner.



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Thanks for the summary - and no to tranny wars...!

The Elf is easy with anything (it launches perfectly for me in normal flight mode, high enough to catch low thermals), but I guess I'm just mithering about the relative unfriendliness of my DX6i which is limited to two mixes, is wierd to set up, and lacks proper flight-mode selection, which I'd really like for my just-arrived Blaster 3.

The Taranis appears a great deal, but I'm not keen on programming from scratch - although it would become viable if there was a ready-made model/type-specific download I could easily input via my Mac (no PC), then tweak the template to suit?

Maybe the higher model Spektrums offer proper glider flight modes etc? - will have to research.



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The spec says you can have 10 flight modes on the dx9. What settings you can change, I don't know.  With 10 you would assume it's quite flexible, maybe the manual would help. 

I've had the cockpit sx, royal pro and p4000 from multiplex and they were all good glider radios.

It's a shame the hitec system doesn't have better telemetry. The aurora 9 is a very good glider radio for 2 and 4 servo wings (presumably the new 9x even better). Certainly very user friendly. I really liked mine but i changed to frsky because of the telemtry and logging features, which i wanted for my contest flying (logs are very good on taranis). The flight modes are the dogs whatsits (can change nearly all settings in each of the 8 flight modes and link changes over different flight modes).


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