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Tracker 100s - lite flite uk

Rick Lloyd

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It’s great to see that progress is being made in resurrecting Lite Flite and I hope you continue to get support from the modelling community. I would however request that any fund raising activity is now conducted directly through your own website/email contact. BARCS and it’s website are commercially independent and does not support or endorse any particular trading interest.


Those wishing to discuss finance or model purchase should contact Rick at ralloyd15@yahoo.co.uk



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Hello Rick, it would be nice to see the Tracker continue its a good all round model and its all I have flown for many years. 100s is still on the decline and our 100s comps will probably not survive long but I will still use them for open comps. If you send me your bank details I will make a donation towards whatever you decide to resurrect whether it is the Tracker or not, I will put a note on my website in case others wish to also donate.

 I hope all goes well this time best of luck

Alan Morton

BARCS 3005 glassflight1@talktalk.net

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4 hours ago, satinet said:

kickstarter campaign!

Hi satinet / Alan

I'm trying something like that but with out going through all the stuff that kickstarter needs as when I looked in to it it was a all or nothing funding and a set time to raise the amount needed 

Alan I will email the details and thanks for putting it on your site 


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