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John Roper

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It comes with great regret that John Roper former owner of SLEC has passed away.

Some of you may or may not of know who John was.

He was the brains behind SLEC and all of the gadgets that helped develop aero-modelling in the 1970's.

Here below are a few words I wrote for Gravesend Club on the loss of such a true dear friend of mine and my family.

I am so sorry to report the sad passing of GAC former member and former owner of SLEC John Roper. 
John for many years was a member of GAC and also revolutionised model building with his accessories making life a whole lot easier for us all. 
I only knew John for ten years when he met my mum after we lost my dad. And from day one he showed me what a nice kind caring man he was. He always took the time to listen to what you had to say and ask you questions about what you were doing and genuinely was interested in what you were doing and what you were up too. Many an hour was spent with john chewing the cud over Model flying. 
John was a 'great' grandad to my children and was loved very much by my family. We thought the world of this true gent of a man. He will sadly be missed by my mum who has been by his side since they met and even more so since he was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. I'm sure John has left a legacy on model flying as most of us have his products in our workshops or our models. 
John I hope that you had a safe flight with a smooth take off and landing. Receiver off, transmitter off, clear the pits and return your peg and God rest your kind soul. You were a very much loved man. With all my love Jonathan Sage and family. heart emoticon

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That is sad news, that John has passed away. I knew him as a modeller friend but had lossed touch for some time having seen him at a Wings & Wheels show some years back now. As you say always ready to listen & talk when meeting up. RIP John

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