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10th F3K 14 Day Duration Challenge

Tony Beckett

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As I said in the 10th Mosquito Challenge of 2015 posting, thanks to FlyQuiet, set up and run by Richard Swindells, where some UK dlg enthusiasts have been posting the results from two “14 Day Challenges”. Anyone wishing to take part posts their longest time, flown either with a 'Mosquito' size dlg or with a F3K type. The idea being to increase the time of the previous posting until the time is unbeaten for 14 days, then that pilot “wins” the challenge.

 This is the 10th F3K Challenge of 2015, which Simon Jones made on 1st September.

 “Hi Tony,

 I have not had a serious attempt at a duration flight for the past couple of months but today I was 'in the mood' for a relaxing lunchtime flying and the conditions were really good as the drizzle cleared.  I did a couple of launches to try the air and then on the third was able to work some decent air.  There was lift all over the place with light winds and it was not difficult to go from one thermal to another.  Looking at the time I was just able to make an hour before I had to go back to work.....  With very little drama I made 1 hour 15 secs.

 It was the kind of day when records could be broken if you had the time...


Simon Jones, F3K, 1 Hour, 15 secs

That flight gets Simon into the greater than an hour group, which up to now had 10 flights listed since 2005 when we started keeping records. Simon had 3 of these flights, all in 2014, and now another in 2015.

 For those new to reading the F3K Challenge Postings, we don’t normally start a Challenge with flights over an hour……


This is a for fun challenge, anyone with a hand-launch glider that conforms to the F3K (up to 1.5m) or Mosquito (less than 1m) class can post a time.

 Object: Fly your F3K or Mosquito class hand launch glider for as long as possible from a flat field, the person who's time is unbeaten for 14 days 'wins' and a new challenge starts.     Rules: Fly safely. No slope soaring.

 Please post your times in the form below.

Pilot Name, F3K or Mosquito class,  length of flight minutes and seconds, plus date of flight.

 Previous challenges for 2012, 2013 and 2014 can be seen at www.f3k.uk       


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Nice start Simon..... seriously though, well done. None of my lunchtime flights came close, but it was a fun session with big, if short lived lift and sink all around.

Thanks Tony for keeping this little bit of fun going.

All the best

Simon B.

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Thanks for the posting Cush. 

Providing no one posts an increase on Simons 1:00:15 before 14th September he will win the 10th F3K Challenge this year. 

From 15th September onwards be pleased to have times for the 15th Challenge of the year.

10th F3K 14 Day Duration Challenge
NameDateTimeBest Before
Simon Jones1st Sep1:00:1515th Sep


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Simon wins the 10th F3K Duration Challenge of the year.

Reckon this will be the last flight of an hour or more in 2015.....

Be pleased to receive times to start the 11th Challenge, although weather this week doesn't look too good.



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Here's an easier one....

8.10 F3K .

Nice air all day, had to work for it but lots going on without being too turbulent so I had a lot of fun messing about with the local kites. I'm a bit surprised 8:10 was the longest flight but I wasn't out for duration but thermal hoping and hedge riding practice really.

Cheers Simon.

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