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Dutch F3F competition dates Fall 2015

Rick NL

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The dutch championship competions are flown on the Maasvlakte, about 15 minutes from the Rotterdam Ferry terminals and are open for foreign pilots with a proof of insurance.

The wheather should fit some criteria, the Maasvlakte is flyable from SW to NW and we don't fly in rain, in the fall this is not always available and neither very predictable.

We have reserved 10 days to fly 3 competitions. On the wednesday I will post a preliminairy prediction and a definitive GO will be issued on Thusday for the Saturday option and on Friday for the Sunday option. We will only fly one championship competition per weekend. When both days re flyable everybody is free to fly the other day as well, probably with company of other pilots.

The proposed days are:


Together with the info on the actual proceding of the competition, I will give details about the actual coordinates of the place we will fly..

Rick Ruijsink


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Next weekend is the first in the list but the weather that is forecast is not OK. Very little wind from an unflyable direction.

So we wait until the next slot.




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Also the coming weekend of 31/10 and 1-11 we see an unfavorable wind situation.

Saturday is definitively cancelled due to an unflyable SE wind, while Sunday has too little wind as it is now predicted.

For Sunday the final decision will be posted tomorrow.



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Coming weekend we have a slot for our Dutch F3F competition.

The forecast predicts showers this weekend, but the forecast is not yet stable.
Wind direction and strength are OK, it will be cool.

There is a good chance that we can fly this weekend, be prepared, well clothed.

Thursday an update of the situation will follow.


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